The first NVQs in Archaeological Practice were awarded in 2009 having been developed by the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA) on behalf of the Archaeology Training Forum. NVQs are National Vocational Qualifications, which as the name indicates, are work-based qualifications. They are based on National Occupational Standards that describe the skills, knowledge and understanding required to undertake a particular task or job to a nationally recognised level of competence.

Accreditation for Community Archaeology bursary-holders

As part of the CBA’s Community Archaeology Bursaries Project bursary-holders have undertaken the Level 3 NVQ in Archaeological Practice whilst completing year-long training placements.

Pursuit of the NVQ has provided trainees with an additional mentor, often from outside their host organisation, as well as opportunity to develop the vocabulary to effectively describe their professional competencies: all so crucial for making applications for employment and in seeking professional accreditation.

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NVQ in Archaeological Practice