There are more broch sites in Caithness than anywhere else in Scotland, and so to promote this amazing resource the Caithness Broch Project was born. By rebuilding a Broch, using the same techniques as the original builders, they hope to provide an small insight into Iron Age people in Caithness.  

The aims of this project can be divided into several achievable targets. 

  • Promote and Preserve existing archaeological sites in Caithness, through improved signage, access and information releases on these sites.

  • Create an Archaeological Trail around Caithness, for locals and visitors alike to follow and discover the wonders of our past.

  • The ultimate goal of the project, through authentic building techniques from the time, is to build a replica of an Iron Age Broch, which becomes the base for a Tourist Centre and Dry Stone Workshop.

    The reconstruction of a broch would have several benefits – in addition to providing an iconic tourist attraction, it would provide employment from the construction phase through to long after the building has been completed.  The construction phase would help bring the dying trade of Caithness drystone dyking to the attention of the public.

    Drystone dyking workshops would be provided, allowing the public to come and try out a once-thriving skill. The broch would become a first-class ‘living history’ visitor attraction, furnished with all the items and furniture of the time, as well as using re-enactors to paint a picture of ancient life.

    Creating such an attraction would provide a welcome boost to Caithness’ tourism infrastructure, creating jobs and making the area more economically secure, as well as providing Caithness with a truly iconic emblem!

And you can help too, by popping along to their shop and buying some of the fabulous things they have to offer.  My favourite is the crafted Broch Brooch.

Pop along to the Broch Shop and have a look.

Enjoy this video as well, which explains the project and the people behind it.  This really is community archaeology!

Caithness Broch Project is a registered charity SC046307