Despite facing stiff competition from some stunning finds such as an ornate Viking spindle whorl, an incredibly delicate glass ring from the Roman period, two medieval bone die and some beautiful, highly symbolic medieval and post-medieval pot sherds; the artefact lovingly referred to as ‘Dino’ has come out on top, with 42% of the public vote.

Found in July 2014 by Katie Smith, a familiar face on Archaeology Live! excavations, this object was discovered in the backfill of a post-medieval refuse pit. Dating to the 15th century, it is a fragment of a ………..     if you really want to know then click here:

Arran Johnson, Assistant Field Officer for York Archaeological Trust, who oversees the Archaeology Live! Training workshops says, “Who/what ever the figure turns out to be, Katie’s find remains a wonderful insight into a more playful side of medieval life and highlights the wealth of symbolism and imagery that would have been commonplace at the time.”

Archaeology Live! will re-commence in April with the spring training excavation, where the race begins to find the most exciting find of the 2015 season. What wonderful objects and stories remain buried around the ancient church of All Saints, North Street? As the old cliche goes, Onwards and downwards!

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