Wessex Archaeology have been absolutely thrilled that a local school has run with the theme of archaeology after discovering about the local archaeological works happening across the road from them in Bulford.

Before the summer holiday Bulford St Leonards school in Salisbury was visited by Phil Harding, who opened their eyes to the exciting discoveries being made in the area and the subject of archaeology. From this moment onwards teacher Chris Baker and her colleagues decided to use archaeology as a major theme and allow the students to delve deeper into the area’s local history.

Wessex Archaeology were delighted to be able to assist the school by providing artefacts and resources to support the learning programmes organised by the school’s staff.

Students have gained a greater insight into historical sources and how archaeologists construct our understanding of the past, as well as had a lot of fun which will have added to their love of learning.

It is great to see people of all generations engaging with new discoveries and archaeology in general. If you wish to find out more about what has been happening during recent excavations on Salisbury Plain follow this link.

By Rachel Brown, Senior Community & Education Officer  

Source: Wessex Archaeology