The passing of  Martyn Smoothy – an archaeologist for over twenty years – was a sad loss for his wife, and she is offering part of his extensive book collection to any kind person who is interested as she moves to Devon! She is happy for things to go to people who appreciate them.

If anyone did wants to offer a token payment she would not refuse. (and to be fair, that would be nice)   She is in Essex, and if you select from the table below and then contact me, I will pass your details onto her then I can cross them off the list and you can make a deal with her and sort out collection or courier.   Get in touch with me (

Martyn Smoothy - Book List

List of 300+books available for sale/free/offer/donation
TitleAuthorPublisherDateHardback/PaperbackSOLD ?
A Book of Greek CoinsCharles SeltmanPenguin1952HardbackSOLD
A Dictionary of GeograpyW.G.HornePenguin1974Paperback
A Dictionary of GeologyDGA Whitten with JRU BrooksPenguin1974Paperback
A Guide to the Prehistoric & Roman Monuments in England & WalesJacquetta HawkesCardinal1973Paperback
A History of Europe Vol IH.A.L.FisherEyre & Spottiswood1943Hardback
A History of Europe Vol IIH.A.L.FisherEyre & Spottiswood1943Hardback
A History of Greece - to the death of Alexander the GreatJB Bury & Russell MeiggsThe Macmillan Press1975Hardback
A History of RomeH.M. ScullardMacmillan1984Paperback
A History of the FensJ.Wentworth-DayGeorge Harrap & Co1954HardbackSOLD
A History of the Greek World - 323 - 146 BCM.CaryMethuen & Co1978PaperbackSOLD
A History of the Roman World from 753 - 146 BCHoward M. ScullardMethuen & Co1970PaperbackSOLD
A History of the VikingsGwyn JonesOxford University Press1973Paperback
A History of Western ArchitectureDavid watkinBarrie & Jenkins1986Hardback
A New Theory of Human EvolutionSir Arthur KeithWatts & Co1948HardbackSOLD
A Study of HistoryArnold J. Toynbee - Abridgement of Vols I - VI by D.C. SomervellOxford University Press1947Hardback
A Study of HistoryArnold J. Toynbee - Abridgement of Vols VII - X by D.C. SomervellOxford University Press1957Hardback
A Traveller in RomeH.V.MortonMethuen & Co1984Paperback
Adam's AncestorsL.S.B. LeakeyMethuen & Co1934HardbackSOLD
Albion - a Guide to Legendary BritainJennifer WestwoodGranada1985Hardback
Alexander of MacedonPeter GreenPenguin1974Paperback
Alexander the GreatRobin Laine foxFurura1975Paperback
Almost Like a WhaleSteve JonesDoubleday1999Hardback
An Outline of Phanerozoic BiogeographyAnthony HallamOxford University Press1994Paperback
Analytical ArchaeologyDavid L. ClarkeMethuen & Co1978PaperbackSOLD
Ancient EuropeStuart PiggottEdinburgh at the University of Press1973Paperback
Ancient Greece from the AirRaymond V.SchroderBook Club Associates1974Hardback
Antiquities of the Irish CountrysideSean O RiordainMethuen & Co1974Paperback
Archaeology & SocietyGrahame ClarkMethuen & Co1972PaperbackSOLD
Archaeology in Britain 1986Ed. Henry CleereCouncil for British Archaeology1987Paperback
Archaic EgyptWalter B EmeryPenguin1972Paperback
Aspects of PrehistoryGrahame ClarkUniversity of California Press1974Paperback
Barclodiad Y Gawres: The Excavation of a Megalithic Chamber Tomb in Angelsey 1952 -1953G.E Powell & G.E DanielLiverpool University Press1956HardbackSOLD
Before CivilzationColin RenfrewPelican1976Paperback
Before the DelugeHerbert WendtPaladin1970Paperback
Beyond StonehengeGerald S.HawkinsBook Club Associates1973Hardback
Britain in the Roman EmpireJoan LiversidgeCardinal1973PaperbackSOLD
British Caenozoic FossilsBritish MuseumBritish Museum1975Paperback
British Mezozoic FossilsBritish MuseumBritish Museum1975Paperback
British Palaezoic FossilsBritish MuseumBritish Museum1975Paperback
British Prehistory - A New OutlineEdited by Colin RenfrewDuckworth1974Paperback
British Regional Geology - Bristol & Gloucester DistrictHM Stationery Office1975Paperback
British Regional Geology - Central EnglandHM Stationery Office1975Paperback
British Regional Geology - East Anglia & Adjoining AreasHM Stationery Office1975Paperback
British Regional Geology - London & Thames ValleyHM Stationery Office1976Paperback
British Regional Geology - South WalesHM Stationery Office1975Paperback
British Regional Geology - South West EnglandHM Stationery Office1975Paperback
British Regional Geology - The Welsh BorderlandHM Stationery Office1971Paperback
Brittania - A History of Roman BritainShepphard FrereCardinal1974Paperback
Brittania - a History of Roman Britain (3rd Ed revised)Sheppard FrerePimlico1991Paperback
Bully for BrontosaurusStephen Jay GouldRadius1991Hardback
By South Cadbury - Excavations at cadbury Castle - 1966 - 70Leslie AlcockThames & Hudson1972PaperbackSOLD
Cambridge Archaeological Journal - Vol 2 October 1991 & Vol 2 October 1992Cambridge University PressPaperback
CastlesB.H.St J O'NeillHM Stationery Office1954HardbackSOLD
Castles of Britain & IrelandPlantangent Somerset FryDavid & Charles2001Paperback
Centuries of DarknessPeter JamesPimlico1992Paperback
Chambers Science & Technology DictionaryGen.ed. Professor Peter M.B. WalkerChambers1991Paperback
Charles Darwin's Beagle DiaryCharles darwinCambridge University Press1988HardbackSOLD
Chronology of the Ancient World - 10,000 BC - AD 79 H.E.L MellershHelicon1994HardbackSOLD
Church Carpentry - a Study Based on Essex ExamplesCecil A. HewittPhillimore1982Hardback
Climate - Present , Past & Future - Vol. I - Fundamentals & Climate NowHH.LambMethuen & Co1972
Climate - Present , Past & Future - Vol. II - Climatic History & the FutureHH.LambMethuen & Co1977
Collins Concise Encyclopeadia of ArchaeologyGeorges VilleCollins?Paperback
Colour Atlas of Human Anatomy - 3rd edR.M.H.McMinn & R.T. HutchingsWolfe Medical Publications1992Paperback
Conquest & Empire - the Reign of Alexander the GreatA.B. BosworthCambridge University Press1988Paperback
Continental DriftD.H.& M.P TarlingPenguin1971Paperback
Curiosities Of British Archaeologycompiled by Ronald JessopPhillimore1974Hardback
Digging Up BonesDR.RothwellBritish Museum1972Paperback
Digging up the PastSir Mortimer WheelerPelican1940Paperback
Dinosaur in a HaystackStephen Jay GouldPenguin1997Paperback
Early Farmers of Western Mediterranean EuropePatricia PhillipsHutchinson University Library1975Paperback
Early Man - A Survey of Human OriginsAlan Houghton BrodrickHutchinson1948Hardback
Enclyclopeadia of ArchitectureDoreen YarwoodBT Batsford1985Hardback
English CastlesR.Allen BrownChancellor Press1970Hardback
English Place NamesKenneth CameronBook Club Associates1977Hardback
Environment & Archaeology - An Introduction to Pleistocene GeographyKarl. W. ButzerMethuen & Co1965Hardback
Essex Archaeology & History - Transations of ESAH1984/85, 1986, 1987, 1988,1991,1992Essex Society for Archaeology & HistoryPaperback
Essex in HistoryKenneth NealePhillimore1977HardbackSOLD
Ever Since DarwinStephen Jay GouldPenguin1991Paperback
Fantastic ArchaeologyStephen WilliamsUniversity of Pennsylannia Press1991Paperback
Farming in PrehistoryBarbara BenderJohn Baker1975PaperbackSOLD
Field Archaeology in BritainJohn ColesMethuen & Co1974Paperback
Fieldwork in Local HistoryW.E. HoskinsFaber & Faber1982Paperback
Fundamentals of Physical GeographyDavid Briggs & Peter SmithsonHutchinson1987Paperback
Geology & Scenery in England & WalesA.E.TruemanPelican1974Paperback
Greek & Roman ArchitectureD.S. RoberstonCambridge at the University Press1971PaperbackSOLD
Guide to Fossil ManMichael H. DayCassell1977Paperback
Hen's Teeth & Horse's ToesStephen Jay GouldPenguinPaperback
History of RomeMichael GrantWeidenfeld & Nicolson1978Hardback
HomeFrancis PryorPenguin2015Paperback
Human Evolution (Outline Studies in Biology)B.A.WoodChapman & Hall1978Paperback
Hunters, Fishers & Farmers of Eastern Europe - 6000 - 3000 BCRuth TringhamHutchinson University Library1971PaperbackSOLD
Ilios - The City & the Country of the TrojansSchliemannArno Press1976HardbackSOLD
In Search of Prehistoric SurvivorsKarl P.N. Shuker??1995Hardback
International Studies on the Quaternary - Collected Papers(VII Congress 1965)Special GSA Papers No. 84Ed. HE Wright & David G. Frey1965Paperback
Interpreting PotteryAnne andersonBT Batsford1984PaperbackSOLD
InvasionJohn PeddieAlan Sutton1987Paperback
Journal of European Archaeology - Vol I Spring 1993Avebury Ashgate Publishing1993Hardback
Journal of European Archaeology - Vol.2 Autumn 1993Avebury Ashgate Publishing1993Hardback
Leonardo's Mountain of Clams & the Diet of wormsStephen Jay GouldVintage1999Paperback
Life - an Unauthoriesd BiographyRichard ForteyFlamingo1998Paperback
Life PulseNiles EldridgePenguin1987Paperback
Life's GrandeurStephen Jay GouldVintage1997Paperback
Lindisfarne - The Cradle IslandMagnis MagnussonOriel Press1984Paperback
Local History in EnglandW.G.HoskinsLongman1984Paperback
Man's Place in Nature & Other EssaysThomas Henry HuxleyJM Dent1911Hardback
Marcus Aurelius - a BiographyAnthony BirleyBT Batsford1987HardbackSOLD
Meeting Prehistoric ManG.H.R Von KoenigswaldThe Scientific Book Club1956Hardback
Missing Links - the Hunt for Earliest ManJohn ReaderPenguin1988Paperback
Olduvai Gorge -My Search for Early ManMary D. LeakeyBook Club Associates1979Hardback
OriginsRichard Leakey & Roger LewinBook Club Associates1977Hardback
Pagan Celtic BritainAnne RossCardinal1974Paperback
Prehistoric BritainJacquetta & Christopher HawkesChatto & Windus1949HardbackSOLD
Prehistoric MenRobert J.BraidwoodScott, Foreman & Co1975Paperback
Principles of Geology Vol. ICharles LyellUniversity of Chicago Press?Paperback
Principles of Human AnatomyGerrard J. TortoraHarper Collins1989HardbackSOLD
Procedings of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Gt. Britain & Ireland1970, 1971, 1972Paperback
Procedings of The Suffolk Inst.if Archaeology & History (reprinted from) Vol. XXXV -????1983Paperback
Psychic ArchaeologyJeffrey GoodmanPanther1979Paperback
Quaternary Geology - a Stratigraphic Framework for Multidisciplinary workDQ BowenPergamon Press1978Paperback
Questioning the MilleniumStephen Jay Gould1997Hardback
Radiocarbon - 13th Radiocarbon Conference June 1988Dept of GeosciencesUniversity of Arizona1988Paperback
Rare EarthPeter D. Wald & Donald BrownleeCopernicus2000Hardback
Rescue Archaeologyed. Philip A. RahtzPelican1971Paperback
Roman BritainPeter SalwayOxford University Press1984Paperback
Roman Britain &Early England - 55BC - AD 871 - Vol IPeter Hunter BlairThomas Nelson & Sons1963HardbackSOLD
Roman Britain - 55BC - AD 400Malcolm ToddFontana1981PaperbackSOLD
Rome Beyond the Imperial FrontiersSir Mortimer WheelerPelican1955Paperback
RubiconTom HollandAbacus2003Paperback
Science & ArchaeologyDavid WilsonPenguin1978Paperback
Science Data BookR.M.TennentOliver & Boyd1976Paperback
Science in Archaeologyed. Don Brothwell & Eric HiggsThames & Hudson1971Paperback
Southern England - an Archaeological GuideJames DyerFaber & Faber1973PaperbackSOLD
Still DiggingSir Mortimer WheelerMichael Joseph1955HardbackSOLD
Stone Age EconomicsMarshall SahlinsTavistock Publications1974Paperback
Stonehenge - Archaeology & InterpretationR.J.C AtkinsonPenguin1979Paperback
Stonehenge DecodedGerrard S. HawkinsFontana/Collins1975Paperback
Surveying for Field ScientistsJ.C. PughMethuen & Co1975Paperback
Tables for StatisticiansJohn WhiteStanley Thornes1985Paperback
Taking WingPat ShipmanWeidenfeld & Nicolson1998Hardback
The Antecedents of ManW.E Le Gros ClarkEdinburgh University Press1978Paperback
The Antiquity of Man - Vol.2Sir Arthur KeithWilliams & Norgate Ltd1929HardbackSOLD
The Antiquity of Man - Vol.ISir Arthur KeithWilliams & Norgate Ltd1929HardbackSOLD
The Archaeologists Yearbook 1977??The Dolphin Press1976Hardback
The Archaeology of Early ManJM Coles & ES HiggsPenguin1975Paperback
The Archaeology of Late Celtic Britain & Ireland c. 400 - 1200 ADLloyd LaingBook Club Associates1977HardbackSOLD
The Archaeology of Roman BritainR.G CollingwoodBracken Books1996PaperbackSOLD
The Architecture of Southern EnglandJohn Julius NorwichMacmillan1985Hardback
The Ascent of ManJ. BronowskiBook Club Associates1977Hardback
The Athenian TriremeJ.S.Morrison & J.F. CoatesCambridge University Press1987PaperbackSOLD
The Bog PeopleP.V.GlobPaladin1975Paperback
The Book of Lifeed. Stephen Jay GouldEbury1993Hardback
The Bronze Age in Barbarian EuropeJacques BriardBook Club Associates1979Hardback
The Counties of Britain - a Tudor AtlasJohn SpeedPavillion in assication with the British Library1988Hardback
The Crucible of CreationSimon Conway MorrisOxford University Press1999Paperback
The Dawn of European CivilisationV. Gordon ChildePaladin1973
The Decline of the Ancient WorldA.H.M. JonesLongmans1968Hardback
The Dinosaur Data BookDavid LambertFacts on File1989Hardback
The DruidsStuart PiggottPenguin1975Paperback
The Elements of PalaeontologyRhona M. BlackCambridge University Press1975Paperback
The Emergence of ManJohn E. PfeifferCardinal1973Paperback
The Emperor JulianRobert BrowningWeidenfeld & Nicolson1977Hardback
The English Archaeologists HandbookHenry GodwinJames Parker & Co1867HardbackSOLD
The Evolution of LifeF.H.T RhodesPenguin1976Paperback
The Flamingoes SmileStephen Jay GouldPenguin1991Paperback
The Grandeur that was RomeJ.C.StobartBook Club Associates1971Hardback
The Handbok of British ArchaeologyLeslie Adkins & Roy A. AdkinsMacmillan1982Paperback
The Holocene - Vol. I No.3 1991Ed. John A. MatthewsEdward Arnold1991Paperback
The Human RevolutionDesmond CollinsBook Club Associates1976Hardback
The Hungry Archaeologist in FranceGlyn DanielFaber & Faber1963HardbackSOLD
The Hunting PeoplesCarelton S. CoonPenguin1976Paperback
The Idea of PrehistoryGlyn DanielPenguin1964PaperbackSOLD
The Illustrated Archaeology of Irelanded. By Michael RyanCounty House Dublin1991Hardback
The Isles -A HistoryNorman DaviesPapermac2000Paperback
The Later Roman Empire - Vols. 1 & 2A.H.M JonesBasil BlackwellPaperbackSOLD
The LinkColin TudgeLittle, Brown2009Hardback
The Making of the English LandscapeW.G.HoskinsPelican1973Paperback
The Miner's CanaryNiles EldridgeVirgin1992Paperback
The Old Stone AgeFrancois BordesWorld University Library1972Paperback
The Old Straight TrackAlfred WatkinsAbacus1971Paperback
The Origin of LifeAdam RutherfordPenguin2013Paperback
The Panda's ThumbStephen Jay GouldPenguin1990Paperback
The Parthenon FriezeMartin RoberstonPhaidon1975HardbackSOLD
The Piltdown ForgeryJ.S. WeinerOxford University Press1955HardbackSOLD
The Piltdown Man - A Case of Archaeological FraudRonald MillerPaladin1974Paperback
The Prehistoric Chamber Tombs of England & WalesGlyn DanielCambridge University Press1950HardbackSOLD
The Prehistory of EuropePatricia PhillipsBook Club Associates1980Hardback
The Present Past - An Introduction to Anthropology for ArchaeologistsIan HopperBT Batsford1982Paperback
The Pyramids of EgyptI.E.S EdwardsPelican1961Paperback
The Roman RevolutionRonald SymeOxford University Press2002PaperbackSOLD
The Shell Guide to British ArchaeologyJacquetta HawkesMichael Joseph1986Hardback
The Stone Age HuntersGrahame ClarkThames & Hudson1971Paperback
The stone Age of Northern AfricaC.B.M. McBurneyPelican1960Paperback
The Stonehenge PeopleAubrey BurlJM Dent & Sons1987Hardback
The Thirteenth TribeArthur KoestlerPicador1977Paperback
The Towns of Roman BritainJohn WacherBook Club Associates1978Hardback
The TrinovantesRoslaind DunnettDuckworth1975PaperbackSOLD
The Uses of Air Photographyed. JKS St. JosephJohn Baker1977HardbackSOLD
The Viking AchievementD.M.WilsonSidgwick & Jackson1973Paperback
The Vikings & their OriginsDavid M. WilsonBook Club Associates1971Hardback
The World of Ancient ManI.W. CornwallPhoenix House1964Hardback
Time's Arrow, Time's CycleStephen Jay GouldPelican1998Paperback
Trilobite! Eyewintness to EvolutionRichard ForteyHarper Collins2000HardbackSOLD
Troy & its RemainsSchliemannArno Press1976HardbackSOLD
Typolgie Du Paeleolithique Ancien Et MoyenFrancois BordesPresses du CNRS?Paperback
Understanding Ancient CoinsJohn CaseyBT Batsford1986PaperbackSOLD
Understanding the Earthed.IG Wass, Peter J Smith, RCL WilsonThe Open University PressPaperback
Vanished KingdomsNorman DaviesPenguin2011Paperback
When We DieCedric MimsRobinson1998HardbackSOLD
Wonderful LifeStephen Jay GouldRadius1990Hardback
World Prehistory - In New Perspective (illustrated 3rd Ed)Grahame ClarkCambridge University Press1977Paperback
Roman Britain -55 BC -AD 400Malcolm ToddFontana1981Paperback
Adam's AncestorsL.S.B. LeakeyMethuen & Co1934Hardback
The Piltdown ForgeryJ.S. WeinerOxford University Press1955Hardback
Understanding Ancient CoinsJohn CaseyBT Batsford1986Paperback
Southern England - an Archaeological GuideJames DyerFaber & Faber1973Paperback
The Archaeology of Roman BritainR.G CollingwoodBracken Books1996Paperback
Greek & Roman ArchitectureD.S RoberstonCambridge University Press1971Paperback
The Aegean CivilisationGustave GlotzBCA1976Hardback
England's 1,000 Best ChurchesSimon JenkinsPenguin2009Paperback
Domesday Book 32 - EssexGen.Ed. John MorrisPhilimore1983Hardback
Archaeology & LanguageColin RenfrewPenguin1987Paperback
The Anglo-Saxon ChronicleTrans. G.GramonswayDent1975Paperback
The Presocratic PhilophosersG.S. Kirk & J.E.RavenCambridge University Press1975Paperback
The Hundred years War - Vol I Trial By BattleJonathan SumptionFaber & Faber1999Paperback
Vol II - Trial By FireJonathan SumptionFaber & Faber1999Paperback
Vol III - Divided HousesJonathan SumptionFaber & Faber2009Hardback
Vol IV - Cursed kingsJonathan SumptionFaber & Faber2015Hardback
The Palaeolithic AgeJohn WymerCroom Helm1984Paperback
Aristotle - Athenian Constitution, Eudemian Ethics, Virtues & Vices Trans. H. RackhamHarvard/Heineman1971Hardback
Select Papyri IITran.s A.S.Hunt & C.C.EdgarHarvard/Heineman1956Hardback
Caesar - The Gallic WarTrans. H.J.EdwardsHarvard/Heineman1970Hardback
The Works of the Emperor Julian - Vol ITrans. Wilmer Cave WrightHarvard/Heineman1980Hardback
The Works of the Emperor Julian - Vol IITrans. Wilmer Cave WrightHarvard/Heineman1969Hardback
The Works of The Emperor Julian - Vol IIITrans. Wilmer Cave WrightHarvard/Heineman1980Hardback
The Stoic & Epicurean PhilosophersEd.Whtney J.OatesRandom House1940Hardback
The Road to BerlinJohn EricksonGrafton1983Paperback
The Road to StalingradJohn EricksonGrafton1985Paperback
The Ancien Regime in EuropeE.N.WilliamsPenguin1984Paperback
Europe: Grandeur & DeclineAJP TaylorPenguin1983Paperback
British Imperialism: Innovation & Expansion 1688 - 1914PJ Cain & AG HopkinsLongman1993Hardback
British Imperialism: Crisis & Deconstruction 1914 - 1990PJ Cain & AG HopkinsLongman1993Hardback
Hitlers War 1942 - 45David IrvingMacmillan1983Paperback
Red GoldJohn HemmingMacmillan1987Paperback
Batles in Britain - 1066 - 1746William SeymourWordsworth Editions1997Paperback
The Rise and Fall of British Naval MasteryPaul KennedyPenguin2001Paperback
The Peninsula War - 1807 - 1814Michael GloverPenguin2001Paperback
Wellington as Military CommanderMichael GloverPenguin2001Paperback
From Time ImmemorialJoan PetersMichael Joseph1984Hardback
The Battle for History - Refighting WWIIJohn KeeganHutchinson1995Hardback
The Deprat AffairRoger OsborneJonathan Cape1999Hardback
Persian FireTom HollandAbacus2005Paperback
The Albigensian CrusadeJonathan SumptionFaber & Faber1999Paperback
The Fall of Constantinople 1453Steven RuncimanCambridge University Press2003Paperback
Great Gothic Cathedrals of FranceStan ParryViking Studio2001Paperback
The Art of War in the Western WorldArcher JonesBarnes & Noble Books1987Hardback
The NormansR.Allen BrownThe Boydell Press1984Hardback
Hitlers War 1939 - 42David IrvingMacmillan1983Paperback
The Dream of Reason - A History of PhilosophyAnthony GottliebPenguin2016Paperback
Marlborough as Military CommanderDavid G. ChandlerPenguin2000Paperback
Empires of the SeaRoger CrowleyFaber & Faber2008Paperback
City of FortuneRoger CrowleyFaber & Faber2011Paperback
In the Shadow of the SwordTom HollandAbacus2012Paperback
A Concise History of FranceRoger PriceCambridge University Press2001Paperback
The Sicilian VespersSteven RuncimanCambridge University Press2002Paperback
The Cathedrals of EnglandAlec Clifton-TaylorThames & Hudson2001Paperback
Cochrane - Britannias Sea WolfDonald ThomasCassell2001Paperback
Redcoats and Rebels - The War for America 1770 -1781Christopher HibbertPenguin2001Paperback
The Northern CrusadesEric ChristiansenPenguin1997Paperback
The Great Siege - Malta 1565Ernle BradfordOpen Road2014Paperback
TrafalgarJohn TerraineWordsworth Editions1998Paperback
Byzantium - The decline and FallJohn Julius NorwichPenguin1996Paperback
The Pelican History of the WorldJM RobertsPenguin1984Paperback
Byzantium - The Early CenturiesJohn Julius NorwichPenguin1990Paperback
Byzantium - The ApogeeJohn Julius NorwichPenguin1993Paperback
The Rise & Fall of the British EmpireLawrence JamesAbacus1998Paperback
Agincourt - A New HistoryAnne CurryHistory Press2010Paperback
ConquestJuliet BarkerAbacus2009Paperback
The Spanish Civil WarHugh ThomasPenguin1986Paperback
A History of the Crusades - 1. The First CrusadeSteven RuncimanPenguin1991Paperback
A History of the Crusades - 2. The Kingdom of JerusalemSteven RuncimanPenguin1990Paperback
A History of the Crusades - 3. The Kingdom of AcreSteven RuncimanPenguin2002Paperback
The Last Days of the ReichJames LucasArms & Armour Press1986Hardback
The Triumph of the WestJM RobertsGuild Publishing1985Hardback
Black IvoryJames WalvinHarper Collins1992Paperback
The Soviet Airforce Since 1918Alexander BoydBook Club Ediiton1977Hardback
Crucible of WarFred AndersonFaber & Faber2000Hardback
The HolocaustMartin GilbertCollins1986Hardback
The Proud TowerBarbara TuchmanMacmillan1983Paperback
August Nineteen FourteenBarbara TuchmanMacmillan1984Paperback
The Scramble for AfricaThomas PankenhamAbacus1991Paperback
Britons - forging the nation 1707 - 1837Linda ColleyYale1992Hardback
The Conquest of the IncasJohn HemmingPenguin1983Paperback
The Age of Revolution - 1789 - 1848Eric HobsBawmWeindenfeld & Nicolson1995Paperback
Mutiny - Highland Regiments in revolt 1743 - 1804John PrebblePenguin1984Paperback
The Age of Capital 1848 - 1875Eric HobsBawmWeindenfeld & Nicolson1995Paperback
Age of Extremes - 1914 - 1991Eric HobsBawmMichael Joseph1994Paperback
The Age of Empire - 1875 - 1914Eric HobsBawmWeindenfeld & Nicolson1995Paperback
Europe Since NapoleonDavid ThomsonPenguin1984Paperback
A History of the Indians of the USAngie DeboPimlico1995Paperback
Military BlundersSaul DavidRobinson1997Paperback
RoanokeLee MillerJonathan Cape200Hardback
Domeday BookThrough Nine CenturiesElizabeth M. HallamThames & Hudson1986Hardback
Britain and Her ArmyCorrelli BarnettCassell2000Paperback
The Command of the OceanNAM RodgerNational Maritime Museum2004Hardback
Memoirs of an Infantry OfficerSiegfried SassoonFaber & Faber1995Hardback
Tactics and the Experience of Battle in the Age of NapoleonRory MuirYale2000Paperback
Old Whaling DaysCaptain William BarronConway Maritime Press1996Hardback
The Safeguard of the SeaNAM RodgerPenguin1997Paperback
Guns, Germs and SteelJared DiamondVintage1998Paperback
The Sleepwalkers - How Europe went to War in 1914Christopher ClarkPenguin2013Paperback
Liddell Hart's History of the Second World WarLiddell HartPan1983Paperback
The Worst Journey in the WorldApsley Cherry-GarrardPicador1994Hardback
ShackletonRoland HuntfordCardinal1985Paperback
The Last Place on EarthRoland HuntfordPan1984Paperback
The Heart of the AntarticSir Ernest ShackletonBirlinn2000Paperback
South with ScottERGR EvansCollins1945?Hardback
Polar ExplorationAndrew CroftAdam & Charles Black1939Hardback
The Crossing of AntarticaSir Vivian Fuchs & Sir Edmund HilaryCassell1959Hardback
Scott's Last ExpeditionJohn Murray1936Hardback
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