Reference Resources comprise catalogues both published and online as well as physical reference collections, such as pottery fabric series.

What are Research Resources?

Research Frameworks provide an overview of the current state of knowledge and understanding about the historic environment, any gaps in this knowledge and a list of potential research areas and strategic priorities. They can cover a specific geographical area, period or theme; for example the Regional Research Frameworks.

Reference Resources include a wide range of typologies, classifications, thesauri and works of syntheses covering such topics as archaeological and building objects, types and materials. They are the essential building blocks of historic environment research.

The Archaeological Reference Resources Project will compile a uniform database, identify problems with existing Reference Resources (e.g. out of print or hard to access), and establish significant gaps in current provision. The project team will engage widely with specialist societies and other organisations (such as CIfA Special Interest Groups), as well as individual researchers, and will produce a report on the current state of play.

The project has been commissioned by English Heritage and is being carried out by Rachel Edwards (Arboretum Archaeological Consultancy) and Hal Dalwood (Hal Dalwood Archaeology and Heritage). More detailed information on the project, and contact details for the project team, are available at the project website:

This project is an outcome of the broader English Heritage Strategy for Developing Research Resources led by Dan Miles of English Heritage:…


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