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Archaeological ebook published of the landscape of Five Mile Lane

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Archaeologists from Rubicon Archaeology working for the Vale of Glamorgan Council have made significant discoveries at Five Mile Lane (A4226) in Barry.

Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd, began excavation of the site in 2017 ahead of the Council’s A4226 road improvement project.

The study site was initially subject to a desk-based assessment and a geophysical survey which identified the key areas that needed further exploration. 
Three areas were identified as significant with extensive remains and so were fully excavated.

Bronze age burial site

The excavations uncovered fascinating artifacts and structures, providing evidence of the people who inhabited the area from  prehistory through to the Roman period. 
Rubicon Heritage have now published an archaeological e-book on the works undertaken between 2017-2019 and an interactive story map of their findings.

The detailed academic findings will be made available towards the end of 2022 when the experts complete their analysis.

Emma Reed, head of Neighbourhood Services and Transport said: “It’s great to learn that the archaeological study at Five Mile Lane has uncovered such a detailed history of the area.”

Mark Collard, Director of Red River Archaeology Group said: “It was a privilege for our team to have delivered a project which added so many new discoveries about the archaeology and history of the Vale of Glamorgan. We are very pleased to be able now to share the results in such an accessible format with the communities of the area.” 

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