English Heritage has developed a Strategy for developing Research Resources as part of our capacity-building activities which is set out in the essential Supporting Actions of the National Heritage Protection Plan. It also draws on the recommendations of the Southport Group report (2011). It is hoped that the strategy will help coordinate and guide the development of a new generation of Research Frameworks and develop a prioritisation process for future Reference Resources.

Further details are available on the web page (http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/professional/research/strategies/rese…)

A detailed action plan is now being prepared. As part of the implementation of the strategy English Heritage have commissioned a survey to evaluate the impact and role of Research Frameworks on the historic environment sector and analyse the sectoral user needs. As a key stakeholder, the IfA will be contacted to participate in the survey shortly.


  • To promote, in response to the Southport Group report (2011), a better-coordinated research culture and better-informed heritage protection results from commercial investigations.
  • To develop key research tools required to ensure the efficient functioning of the National Planning Policy Framework.
  • To set out the criteria for English Heritage funding of Research Resources within the context of the NHPP and the essential Supporting Actions that underpin the Plan.

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