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Full Version: New journal: Critical Archaeology
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Dear BAJRites,

this is an announcement for a new archaeology journal, which may be of interest to the BAJR community.

Critical Archaeology is a new forthcoming archaeology e-journal to be distributed on the internet by the Groningen Institute of Archaeology. The aim of Critical Archaeology is to provide an open and accessible platform for critical comment and debate across all branches of the discipline.

It is an international journal with the aim to foster critical debates in archaeological practice and theory, heritage and the politics of the past in the present. We especially encourage critical, challenging and controversial papers dealing with selected aspects or wider issues pertaining to archaeology and related sub-fields.

The concept of Critical Archaeology entails to situate the journal between the fast moving world of the internet, as seen for example in blogs, and more traditional archaeological printed journals. Therefore, Critical Archaeology will be available only online, with articles available for download in pdf format.

Although the precise journal format is still being worked out, Critical Archaeology aims to publish two principal kinds of contributions:

- short opinion pieces and conference or book reviews of ca. 1-3 A4 pages in length;
- longer research papers of ca. 3-4000 words in length

Research papers will be subject to full peer-review, while shorter contributions will undergo editorial review.

We would welcome both individual contributions, as well as suggestions for thematic issues of Critical Archaeology.

Please check out our current blog at:
or visit our Facebook group at:

For inquiries, article suggestions or any hate-mail Wink please write to us at
excellent concept there... would you also consider creating a scribd account? and makign it available there?

We also would be very happy, to help in creatin a version such as the Past Horizons Magazine..

This is defiantely of great interest.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
scribd might definitely be an idea - depends on how we sort out copyright issues.

The offer of help is also much appreciated - I will talk to my co-editors and we'll be in touch.

Many thanks for the thumbs up!