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Full Version: New Map based Specialist Search System
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Given the loss of CVs Online. BAJR has come up with a new system... one that will be slightly more 'useful' than before.

Map based, it will show specialists in areas from lithics to pottery geophysics to dendro, and metal detecting groups and individuals available to help archaeology projects. I have just under a hundred sign ups so far.. and the full public map will be launched in May/June.

basically, you need a specilaist - go to the map - click the type you need and the map will show all available, so you can even pick one that is close.

To add yourself just now..

go here:

zoom in, drag the marker to your approx location - name, email short details ... simple as that.

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Good idea but the list of specialists is too rigid.

Add expert witness and allow more than one speciality to be indiated.

you can sign up repeatedly for different skills.. and as the short details will be different depending on the skill, this is the best I can think through

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Great progress!

Is there any way in the future you could highlight regions whether as 'East Midlands', a radius or 'free-form', as the marker is a little restrictive for those who work over wide areas (but not the whole UK).

A small niggle, but big congratulations on getting this system up and running.
what about if you have a masters in something but have found it difficult to get relevant experience post graduation to qualify as an expert???

gonetopot... you do come up with a valid point...

however I am trying to make this as simple for people to add and search as possible.. I have actually been adding county shapes... however, am still pondering how easy it would be to add yourself to areas.. a minor niggle maybe... but I am thinking about it... and have decided to keep it simple.

and lucy .. the criteria will be somebody that if called up to carry out a task.. for say lithic identification, could just sit down and do it... hope that helps... if you can do the job... then you can do it...


"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Splendid! It's a really great system. I can't wait to see it up and running.Big Grin

Full system up and running.... BAJR... does exactly what it says on the Tin!

If you know anyone who has a specialist skill? or have one yourself... go... add ... sit back and wait for the contacts! (er.. I hope)

need a detectorist in your area to help out on a site? Or need a nearby ceramics person? What about someone close who can look at the coins? .... BAJR Specialist Search... spread the word... AND yes... a contracting unit with a specific speciliality can go on as well... do you have a conservation department? a person who is a human remains specialist? what about a wood artefact person? ... get yourself listed... If this goes well... I will spread it across the world... always know.. who is where to help out.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."