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Full Version: Medieval and Post-medieval Metalworking
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** Meeting Announcement **

Apologies for cross-posting (and the short notice).

The Historical Metallurgy Society and the University of Bradford are please to announce a day meeting on "Changing technology in medieval and post-medieval metalworking". This will be held on the 10th November 2007 at the Department of Archaeology, University of Bradford (United Kingdom). The aim of the meeting is to discuss the evidence for the evolving metalworking technologies of the medieval and post-medieval periods (AD450–1650), with particular focus on iron technology. The meeting fee is £10, and the programme will be as follows.

10:00 Registration Coffee/Tea

10:45 Gerry McDonnell Welcome

Chair David Cranstone

11:00 Gerry McDonnell Chronology and technology of monastic and
post-monastic iron working at Rievaulx/Bilsdale, North Yorkshire

11:30 Sam Rubinson Iron technology in 5 th -11 th century Britain

12:00 Allan Daoust The nature of blacksmithing residues and their
relation to weld-line slag inclusions

12:30 Buffet Lunch: Research posters on display and optional tour of
the department labs

Chair Sam Rubinson

14:00 David Starley Saxon Weapons: Grave Misconceptions (TBC)

14:30 Geoff Egan An Attention Span Problem for a 16th-Century Ironsmith?
Some Half-Finished Wares Excavated in South London (TBC)

15:00 David Dungworth Beyond materiality: an exploration of some
theoretical perspectives on blacksmithing

15:30 Coffee/Tea

Chair Gerry McDonnell

16:00 Justine Bayley Innovations in late medieval technology

16:30 Peter Claughton & Janis Heward Technological change in lead
smelting: the ore hearth

17:00 Meeting Summary

17:10 Adjourn to a local pub for real ale
followed by Bradford Curry for those interested

A programme and a registration form can be downloaded from the Historical Metallurgy website ( For further details contact the organiser (Eleanor Blakelock, Eleanor.blakelock (AT) blueyonder (DOT) co (DOT) uk).

I hope that those interested will be able to attend


Paul Belford
Head of Archaeology and Monuments
Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust