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Full Version: Northants Job
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Look on the bright side.... at least they are going to have one (again) - We are hoping that soon the benchmarking will show that moving from a council rate tie in will push everyone up!

til then.... :face-confused:

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Aye they're going to have one again, 'cept they've already failed to recruit one the first time around .. and truth be told they don't really want one. What about the districts - who is going to advise them on archaeological matters?
At least one of the districts is currently making an effort to cover its archaeological responsibilities.
Don't worry about the boroughs and the districts too much, the big issue is West Northamptonshire Development Corporation- they act as the planning authority for the big expansion of housing and the urban regeneration of Northampton. They are set up to receive listed building and conservation advice from the local planning authorities (who still have control over Listed Building Consent applications, even if the matching development application goes to WNDC) but they, like the districts, worked on the principle that the county could handle the archaeology.

NCC also have no building conservation officers, and are having to rely on the districts and boroughs for input on their own listed buildings at present.

It's an interesting county to work in at present.

Conservation says no