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Full Version: myfile
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hosty I think that you have a myfilestore redirect on your system
Yep... spotted that... am in UAE until Monday... when I will deal with it... not too extreme... so have not shut the forum down Smile

cheers for telling me
The myfile redirect is happening again when I search for bajr through Explorer, is it at my end?
Still fighting it... bloody hard to get reid of!
Still fighting it... I have been through all of these...

Getting to the point of giving up...
Don't know if any help but the odd thing is that it only does it once,that I notice, daily?, as in it recognises not to redirect me a second time. So I wondered if I cleared my cookies what would happen and found that I got the redirect again. Has it anything to do with what vbullitin uses cookies for?
Killed it in the end Wink by killing and resurrecting the forum Smile
is it dead if you are reading this?