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Full Version: Troops Get Archaeological Playing Cards
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Spot on, Aching.
Fieldwalking survey a few years back...rainy day so most of team indoors processing the finds. Metal object tumbled out of a bag onto the table. 'What's that, looks like a bomb...' Quick exit stage left by the whole team. Twas an old grease gun [:I]
bet that was funny to watch... would have blown me away! lol.
Recording OUR heritage for future generations.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by achingkneesTwas an old grease gun [:I]

The self same thing happened here last year. It was a 25mm cannon shell. It was very similar to the one we found in another box of stuff from the same site about three months later. [:0]

As for stopping soldiers picking up antiquities - It's a losing battle. The British army spends a lot of time on presentations about not picking things up as almost anything lying around over there could ruin your day in a spectacularly loud manner. However, a friend of mine on a government funded holiday to Iraq had to punch one of his charges after a long verbal exchange, to prevent him from picking up a mine he'd taken a fancy to.

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