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Full Version: Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964
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Does anybody know if this Act allows county councils to charge district councils for the maintenance of county museums?
Quote:15 Power to establish fund for purchase of exhibits.

(1) A local authority maintaining [[SUP]F23[/SUP]or proposing to provide] a museum or art gallery under section 12 of this Act may establish a fund to be used for the purchase of objects for exhibition in any museum or art gallery [[SUP]F24[/SUP] which the authority maintains or proposes to provide under that section.]

(2) Where at the time a fund is established by it under this section a local authority maintains under a local Act a fund which it is authorised to use for the purchase of such objects as aforesaid, [[SUP]F25 [/SUP]it may amalgamate the funds, but without prejudice to the effect of any condition attached to any particular gift received by the authority.]

(3) The provisions of Schedule 2 to this Act shall apply with respect to the management of a fund established by a local authority under this section.

and what with
Quote:12 Provision and maintenance of museums and galleries.

(1) A local authority may provide and maintain museums and art galleries within its administrative area or elsewhere in England or Wales, and may do all such things as may be necessary or expedient for or in connection with the provision or maintenance thereof:
.. . F20

(2) A local authority maintaining a museum or art gallery under this section may . . . F21 enter into an agreement with any other local authority empowered to maintain it for the transfer of the museum or gallery and its collections to that authority.

13 Charges for admission to museums and galleries.

(1) A local authority may make a charge for admission to a museum or art gallery maintained by it under section 12 of this Act.

(2) In determining whether, and in what manner, to exercise its powers under this section in relation to a museum or gallery, a local authority shall take into account the need to secure that the museum or gallery plays its full part in the promotion of education in the area, and shall have particular regard to the interests of children and students.

14 Contributions to expenses of museums and galleries.

A local authority . . . . . . F22 may make contributions towards expense incurred by any person—

(a) in providing or maintaining a museum or art gallery in any place within England or Wales, or

(b) in providing advisory or other services or financial assistance for the benefit of a museum or art gallery in any such place.

would seem to provide a definition of what a museum is.
hosty could I also log on as unitof1 so that I can have a conversation with myself about

doesn't the only definition that I can find for a local authority museum which might be the one they have mentioned in NPPF 141 ([SUP]30[/SUP]) say that the dear old authorities can charge the punters and pay me for my clients artefacts if they wont?
What is a museum (according to the 1964 Act), as far as I can make these Lincolnshire bods are just public servants sitting around in public buildings, they are not a trust or any form of entity outside of "county Council". I don't really see how they can be got rid of unless they allow themselves to be parcelled up into a recognisable entity. What they have to do is hold onto their pension rights and the council cant get rid off them without going through redundancy, some of them (not a lot) will be sitting on old styles final salary handshakes,

ho sorry that's not what's happening, they all get to stay on, but get to utilise the 1964 Act which is what they should have been doing since bloody 1964....and.. ineffect become statutory, this is a victory although we wont see it until they provide proper accounts and then we will be able in pounds shillings and pence show the importance of archaeology to the people (mostly brexits I am afraid).