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Full Version: facebook. the devil you say!
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i am trying to work out if this forum is dying a natural death brought on by apathy and boring posts or if traffic is being subverted by that perniciously offensive intrusion which you will all be sorry for joining eventually
i hate facebook
It is one of them things ma dear. Facebook BAJR is active and thriving. questions asked, people chatting, debating etc. just like here in the past.

In a way forums have their place ... but really they are anachronisms -

However. I decided to keep here for those that venture not onto the intrusion of Facebook. - it is a choice.

I did try to integrate them... but that is just not possible. where facebook comments appear here and visa versa. and comments would appear on facebook under the name of BAJR ... but that is not possible.

So for those that hate facebook... then this comfortable old chair by teh window is available. and it does contain a vast amount of interest so I would never just delete it.

It is just a matter of keeping up. Once it was an A4 sheet pinned onto the site hut. then came the BAJR Forum in 1999 and it evolved to this. but in the meantime Facebook became the instant and most used method of communication. Without BAJR Facebook... it would be quiet indeed!
I also hate Facebook. As someone who struggles with non-verbal communication it just magnifies all of my character idiosyncracies. Forums are difficult enough as it is.
Facebook will eventually come back to haunt those using it and it too will become an anachronisim. The Internet is here to stay but it is fueled by people out to make money and one way of doing that is by collating and selling data on individuals . Ask yourself is face book really privat whats init for the provider? I will stick with the forum even though I know I am missing a lot by not being on facebook.
I don't know how facebook works although it appears you join a group and then are allowed to comment and are allowed to create subgroups/threads or discussion all similar to bajr ..The biggest difference is that they are using their names and with a lot of baggage that come with that. I don't like using my name and I don't like others using theirs. Its as if they might believe what they write. I don't know if its gender, ageism, race all three but I would rather gauge the numbers of eyeballs that somebody has after their first post and forget about it by their second and expect the same of mine. I have found something called BAJR - UK Archaeology- cant say if this is where all the action happens as you can easily pop over to Rescue or any other facebook portal. I have had a look and it all looks like you have to like taking pictures of yourself and everybody is a friend, all 5128 of them. I noticed at least three that I would cross the road to punch not something I can say about Bajr.

Its obvious that a David Connelly is putting effort spoon feeding the bajr facebook group, jobs and news items from BAJR and you can discover that a Kevin Woodbridge is into some kind of Norwegian gone off milk if you hit the right buttons. Its not exactly sophisticated marketing and I am not sure what Kevin expects to get out of his revelations.. Cant say that I have as yet found a single thread that was anything like a bajrbaiting thread. Every comment seems to have a noticeable so many people "like" button I have given up trying to find a thumbs down. Its very planet moonie And they all have photo albums. And if you come across a so called thread/discussion or workout where it starts the contributions are presented as short paragraphs some followed by a "see more" button by which you can see that facebook wants your points in about two or three sentances. I don't know if that's something that the moderators of the groups control and there appears that there is some moderation which could be to restrict the numbers of pictures of kittens.

A big difference that I notice is that a lot of these threads are over in a day or so and although there might be a few links there does not seem to much quoting back to each other so its a bit like looking at an audience screaming applause but having your back to the stage not really knowing what the big deal is. I cant say that I have been able to notice where comments or "friends" have been edited out. Although I would not claim that the bajr site hut is a temple of considered thought it does seem to have a lot more pauses than facebook.

Over all David seems very happy there. They are more audience like. I don't think that his intentions are to drag contributors to the site hut from the facebook throng although as he said he has tried to find a way to integrate both sites for some reason. I think that the fight against the spammers has become tedious and that possibly gets taken care of by facebook as does people generating profiles. He obviously enjoys the odd editing but I cant keep my efforts up on the pension copyright ownership front on the off chance that he might drop in. I recently found that he is fond of all things York. He is also all MCIFA now which is a fundamental flaw if you wanted to give the ifa some constructive criticism. He recently edited one of my posts using the word ethics where as in the past he would have made up some non-existent AUP violation.

I don't buy from hosty that without facebook bajr would "be quiet indeed". For the purpose of job adverts yes. Seems to me that facebooks target audience are people who don't manage a long term email account (relationship?) although they join using a Hotmail one. Not that bajrs audience is much better and nor are bajr facebook audience much worse but the format is based on giving identity to transience, all a bit needy. I don't feel that the old gits of most archaeological organisations and their underlings can handle or need the clutter or speed of facebook but Hosty is right to pump BAJR job adverts through there as he might consider pumping them through twitter and any social media.

I still feel that the federation banner is causing a put off to anybody approaching the site not logged in, possibly a minor detail but could the site hut do with a new moderator looking to tidy up the edges and prime a few threads? According to the stats there are 26 regular users to this site. It feels more like six or seven. Now that's got to be a selling point and something about an old chair by the window. <edited... s yuo were just being a troll to see if I red his to the end --->
Leaving aside the man who is never happy unless he is boosting his own agenda... I run several outlets for people... and keep this going for those that do not wish to be on facebook, or want to be on both or like the forum format etc... As I do this for people as a service. a free service mind, this is your space to do with.. Berger is looking for anther ( of god not again - year ban - on a made up pretext... Rule one of the internet. don't piss off the person who lets you into their house. )

Everyoe else. please feel free to use this. it is yours... and am with you as I have been forover15 years.
Facebook just leads to embarrassing photos - oh, that's another thread isn't it Big Grin
she is right about anonymity. who wants to expose her innermost with her employer watching? where else can we hide and talk at the same time? it is the perfect place to express and vent, cajole and bolster, and even make sense sometimes. facebook is for egoists needing an audience but without anything to say
I am always happy although I do wish I could revert to being unitof1 when I would be very happy. Thing is hosty although I consider this your house I don't consider this your room. We build it through digging. Your acting like another land owner. You think the archaeology belongs to them. It doesn't it belongs to archaeologists. We are the only ones interested in it. Yes you provide the domain and its your brand but I imagine that the reason that you had problems trying to meld bajr baiting and facebook was copyright........the great ignored subject of the ifa and every archaeologists who isn't the boss.

How about getting rid of that banner and training up a new milk monitor and giving your other identity a break. If I could up load a selfie you would see the honesty in my trout lips. bbbbbb Like:face-approve: 52135
I came across this picture which might be pertinent to another thread post number 12

whats wrong with the picture (and why cant I upload it directly?)
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