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Full Version: facebook. the devil you say!
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wonder who that ugly mug belongs to
According to some, The Light Bringer is responsible for most of what i enjoy daily > so no, FaceBook is not the work of the devil > it would be REALLY fun if it was.}Smile
It is however the work of Persons, and powerful Persons get thier power by taking the Magic of the weak. (according to some anyway).
With that in mind; Be~Ware/

In such a mind i entered the domain of of FaceBook > find me here

Back on earth, there certainly is truth in the proposition that social media has (ironically) done very little to further free-speech, open debate, or even badly under-baked rantings > this is part of a wider social process, massively lubricated by the specific form/context of the particular technology (and products) involved.

I could post links - that would be the Twittery-Facebooky thing to do - but why bother (my cynical self says)? > a key element of the 'SocialMedia Problem' (IMHO) is that self-identifying groups are formed not only too easily, but highly exclusively.

a key example ; FaceBook and YouTube used to have options to 'like' and to 'dislike' > several years ago both changed so that only the option to like was available....take a moment to consider that (if you can be bothered)

In terms of the wider social process, i agree with people who believe that the cultural mores has shifted significantly back to something like 1950 (for example), where 'being different/critical' was not only socially awkward, but memes and ideologies of conformity were so deep as to be almost instinctual for the individual...and where 'mutal-back-slapping without real-consideration-of-the-issues' was something of the norm.

I have used forums a lot in the last decade or so - mainly a source for technical (now legacy) information, especially regarding hardware and software, but also cars and other technology.
I have also read a lot of interesting things said about science, history, politics, even Mystical Reality.
Across all threads on all topics, the longest (and most 'useful') are those where people disagree, and where real efforts have been made (in the original spirit of the Open Internet) to share the basis of personal perspectives - essentially in the belief that the Internet had the potential to store this massive repository of human experiences, and could potentially influence other completely unknown humans-beings...

The problem with the current form of SocialMedia is that it has blunted not sharpened this tool.
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