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Full Version: Wessex Archaeology Recruits a Teddy Bear
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Love it!
Life as a professional archaeologist is often not what many people expect. Follow Wessex Archaeology’s London & South East Office's newest recruit ‘Kent Jones’ as he learns the Bear Necessities of becoming an archaeologist

[Image: Joins%20the%20office.jpg]
Oh for f***s sake!
Don't forget there's a national staff shortage, and of course any addition to numbers makes their company look bigger. Getting PPE to fit may be a challenge though....
Ah Dino has the right idea.

and this works for me... we can be miserable cants sometimes. BAJR is about to go into a more positive frame of mind. though BAJR fed is going to remain for the foreseeable. as not everything in the garden is rosy

This however, made me smile. like ( I am told by Kevin) about Sooty at MOLA and of course the Wessex Rat from Dave Webb.

Smile and people listen Wink
I feel I will get on the sewing machine in order to meet the potential demand for teeny viz tops Smile
We tried a similar recruitment strategy a few years ago but it didn't work out. They kept sodding off for a picnic whenever we had a survey near a wood.
This bear needs more than simply PPE, I'd never consider turning up to a new job bearly dressed!
Enough of those paw jokes!
Do you think a plate of marmalade sarnies would work as a recruitment tool?
"Paddington gave the Consultant a particularly hard stare".
I suppose it makes a change from the muppets they usually employ............
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