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Full Version: Tay and Fife Archaeology Conference
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Saturday was the Tay and Fife Archaeology Conference and as one does, I video recorded the talks. As I get the speakers permissions I will post them to this thread for people to watch. First up Derek Hall on the Archaeology of Sugar Production. Pretty handy stuff to know if you are doing historical archaeology. Has anyone else dug something similar?

The second one, about the stone carvings found in museum storage.

Great discussion on finding wood circles and trying to reconstruct them-

I worked on an excavation in Southampton (Winkle Street 1985-86) where part of the site had been a sugar processing works in the post Reformation period. Not sure if the site was ever written up. Derek Hall could try checking with the Southampton unit if he is interested....I remember recovering a number of sugar cones...
Thanks Kevin. After seeing Derek's presentation I really wanted to go out and dig a sugar refinery.

Anyways- another presentation- this one on 4D wemyss- a really cool project and website you can check out at-

- [video=youtube;eHOOBRTpb8A][/video]
All brilliant.
many thanks for this Doug... and of course those that did the speaking bit Smile
Yes- It was a great conference to be at. All excellent speakers so they make my work look good Wink

And another one for you all (Great Project)

Pit, Pot or Cist, WHY? So Mel really lays out the problem (the photographs are great) though I have yet to see any great explonation as to why different burial practices were used in the same cemetery, has anyone? -

Need a sound card.....and working emoticons... :-(
Another two- one on 3D modelling and that goodness. One on what happens to the contents of churches when the church closes down.

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