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Full Version: Ways to relax after a hard day?
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So, what's your favourite way to wind down when the day hasn't gone your way?
I'm finding a beer and an episode of Bonekickers is making my day seem marginally less farcical. Although I suspect that will be replaced by a desire to mattock the TV soon... Big Grin
Well, seeing as it is not going right most days for me at the moment lol, GBBO on a Wed, Who do you think you are on a thursday, and netflix binges on other days. I will either have a gin or an amaretto a couple of times a week...
Glad to see Bonekickers getting a revival, have recently exported the British/Bonekickers way of archaeology to a friend in Canada :face-approve:
A cheery thought.

If things aren't going your way,
If people are getting you down,
If you feel like your banging your head against a wall,
Don't worry,
Take consolation in the fact that
in 100 years you'll probably be nothing but dust,
and nothing will matter anymore.
Can't wait for the chorus... }Smile
These days a nice cup of tea in bed proped up with comfy pillows and the Ipad. Amazing the amount of great online resources academic papers etc for archaeology that can be read this way though I get side tracked by the Venture Brothers.The only thing missing is a cat to keep the feet warm, the last one passed away Sad
I go for a game of Mount and Blade. Napoleonic Wars nothing like a musket volly or two from my bonnie lads to make the days cares go away.
Dinosaur Wrote:Can't wait for the chorus... }Smile

Everybody's dead, dave
Everybody's dead.
Everybody's dead, dave
Everybody's dead
i find myself opening a second bottle of wine - call me old fashioned!
A 6 pack of the lovely Lady Stella and a throat wrenching dose of nicotine from my e-fag.
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