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Full Version: Is it an Arched trench or a very smelly wet church. Blame the Aussies
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Oxford Archaeology would like some insight into arched trench issues, they have an online survey to complete by 11/09/2015.
Its now 2016
very good
it is indeed 2016
That mean I need to change the clocks?
Sorry I was promised a copy of final report, was it for March 2014, no was it for March 2015, no was it for March 2016. Archaeologist loses track of time, not a good advert.

Hosty is there anything in the views per replies to this thread?
Why don't you ask them directly instead of asking here? then you can come back and tell us... can't wait
Hosty welcome aboard. We here at Bajr baiting have been quite happily sitting on this subject since feb 2014 and now you walk into the joint all huffy and fuffy. It's good to see you about, forums seem to work better if they have the presence of moderators. What has prompted you?

Have you got any views on digging up church tower floors and dumping directly onto skellingtons in their graves? Do you get these cess pool constructions in Scotland. Would you recommend a watching brief or an evaluation for their commissioning? Can wait as we have been waiting since 2014.

I thought I would also update my original post for Ecocongregation seems to have changed its name to to Eco Church and gone regional so some of my original links have gone bust I think that this is one of the original documents that I was pointing to from somewhere in here

greengloustershireecochurchsouthwest I am not sure how the scheme relates to
Certainly not huffy... as I welcome you to MY Forum

Rather than ask me to ask the question... Why not email them? Would certainly take the same amount of time as typing here...

The survey ended September 2015 and I will await the report with interest. If you are able to email them in advance and ask how it is coming along, then do let us know.
Hosty, Archaeology is a game of patience. I email them about every five months. In that time somebody there had a baby. How do you know it ended in September. It there a watching brief that oxford did for one of these things. I cant seem to find a reference to it on the web anymore. They hit a load of skeles in their watching brief. Did not seem to surprise them. It might have been somewhere in Oxfordshire.
Depends who you email... and do you put a read receipt on it?
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