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Full Version: It's that old travel to and from site hut out of pocket
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Who's time, who pays for what, where's your place of work you can sign up to it here, if you care
Just signed it, have suffered this s*it from both archaeology and care work.
I don't know when they started this petition Ken but I was voter 27 at about noon today and you seem to be number 28 at 5ish. You would think that it would be a no brainer. There must be a gerzillion carers out there who should be signing this. Obviously the government have got my address and they could easily be sending round the Spanish Inquisition to look at my diesel receipts/parking receipts/bridge toll receipts/mot receipts/service receipts/maintenance receipts/carwash receipts for my Ferrari.
The lack of response to this petition may be because the issue has been raised at an employment tribunal which found in favour of the care workers...... Not sure how it applies to archaeologists....