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Full Version: Job adverts taking the p**s
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Recently posted on the BAJR Facebook page but not (yet) on here but surely worthy of discussion:

'It is becoming apparent that some organisations are only advertising the jobs that they can get away with on BAJR - however there is a terms and conditions clause that clearly states that all positions must meet the criteria So to advertise on BAJR you can't hide on your own website the posts that don't fit/ I have just seen two "hidden in plain sight" adverts where diggers are on sub 17k rates and supervisors on sub 18k I won't name or link. ( and that goes for you all) I am frankly shocked. I can only ask you... don't work for less. There are lots of jobs out there and more coming. For everyone who works for less ( a job is a job argument) you are pushing down rates. you are stepping back into the past. Work for less and you will be forever poorly paid. IF nobody takes the sub minima jobs... then the rates HAVE to go up.'

It doesn't take much of a search to work out who one of the likely culprits is (and it's not the first time they have been accused of offering poor pay)

Why can't they be named? Stating the facts is not libellous: company X has advertised job Y on BAJR at pay rate Z and on their own at a a different rate and is offering other jobs well below BAJR minima.

Maybe BAJR was going to bring this subject up on the forum anyway.
Indeed he was. and this has evolved into the
[Image: 10308748_10154167211780389_3369700375186150429_n.jpg]

This badge will be attached to adverts that achieve a reasonable rate OVER the minima for that grade.
[Image: 1.jpg]

The positive approach is to highlight job adverts that pay better for the post.

And here the responsibility levels will play a more specific role. ( adding a bit more work to me.. and more than likely losing BAJR adverts and friends - but hey... I do it for love Wink )

THe idea is simple... pay more, respect staff and they respect back... this is not a multi million pound deal... it is peanuts... and as for PROSPECT. I have recently heard they managed to advise staff to accept a duff deal... way to go PROSPECT... !
PROSPECT never seem to achieve anything though, so nothing new there.
Prospect are a complete waste of anyone's subs money ! totally ineffective and always back down when the going gets tough......
monty Wrote:Prospect are a complete waste of anyone's subs money ! totally ineffective and always back down when the going gets tough......
Prospect will only ever be as good as it members. Accusing any trade union of being ineffective is effectively a slur on its membership. That may well be the case with Prospect but be aware of the adage about people slinging stones when they live in glass houses....!! (Prospect member for 30 years, still trying and not inclined to give up just yet.....always willing to welcome other campaigners to the struggle!!)
Prospect simply refused to even discuss with me any help....
Boxoffrogs Wrote:Prospect simply refused to even discuss with me any help....
I am sorry to hear that. Which branch were you a member of? It is possible that sometimes people fall through the cracks, especially in the larger branches.... I note that this is paid more than the minima, presumably to compensate for the demeaning job title brackets junior indeed :0
still, I suppose it's preferable to be a (Junior)-something as opposed to a (Senior)-nothing! Rolleyes
At below £18,000 pa it's a field archaeologist wage for a job that demands way more responsibility. Not good.
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