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Full Version: new BAJR Rates for 2014/15
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Although it only really comes in on the 4th April -- the new BAJR Rates for 2014/15 are now online for all new jobs. --- yes... I know... as ever there is a crossover issue. but until perfection .. here is what the new rates are. and yes... for the eagle eyed, the IfA and BAJR Rates are now in concordance.

G1 Depends on training & outcomes
G2 £17,094.00 (PIfA)
G3 £18,276.55
G3/4 £19,125.15
G4 £19,911.00 (AIfA)
G4/5 £21,106.55
G5 £22,463.50
G5/6 £25,738.25 (MIfA)
G6 £28,322.49
G7 £36,802.48

and again... these rates are the absolute minimum one should expect. you should look for employers who pay above. If you are taking a self employed position. the rule of thumb... rough calculation 180% of salary.position and make sure you have a contract.!
Time to look to the future, to start looking beyond the pay and on to skills and training.
good luck people