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Full Version: Big Heritage - a remarkable offer to theives
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In an astonishingly generous offer of forgiveness to a thief who swiped items including an iPad, pottery and a replica body from a van at a roadshow, one of the country’s leading archaeology companies has invited their light-fingered pilferer to embark on a two-week apprenticeship.

Liverpool-based experts Big Heritage, whose recent projects have included investigations at Stonehenge based on the unwitting discoveries of rabbits, reasoned that the robber, who prised kit from a vehicle at the Community Superstar Awards in Anfield, must have a “pretty crap” life.

“Return what you can to us, and come work for us for two weeks as an archaeologist,” wrote Dean Paton, the Managing Director, appealing to supporters to share the post on the group’s Facebook page.

“Understand the importance of the history of where you live, the skills we use to learn about the past and the way to get from the crap circumstances you are in to a better place.

“We'll cover your travel costs and you can keep the iPad if you want.

“We'll support you to find a training and education provider and you'll understand why a few crap bits of pottery from the bag you half-inched are worth more than 10 iPads.”