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Full Version: English Heritage issues revised statement on portable antiquities and surface collect
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'Our Portable Past' has been reissued, replacing the 2006 version.

Can I encourage colleagues to review the new statement, update any web links and dispose of old copies of the replaced 2006 version.

The new version in online at

seems apt, given our recent discussions
WEll ... wybi?....either way, ++ (from a quick read) in relation to PAS, at least.

good introduction comments about flint & other artefact classes.....

but,, (always a but)> (as in last post b4 i read this thread) > does this adress commercial machine bassed site-stripping/machine watching and similar operations?


I suspect that what you are looking for doesn't specifically exist..............though could be wrong.

In the commercial world, if the topsoil is likely to have significant archaeological remains within it if should/would be mentioned in the Desk-based assessment, mitigation strategy and the methods statement.
It is up to the county archaeologist(s)/planning authority to monitor such documents in order that they are fit for purpose.

In the commercial world you have to/should use reasonable evidence-based strategies. You can't/shouldn't just try and get the client to pay for say sieving all the topsoil on their road scheme just in case. The accepted procedures revolve around, assessment, evaluation then mitigation.

For instance, in the case of topsoil finds, evaluate the impact area by field-walking, test-pitting, walkover survey, experience/local knowledge. Then maybe intensively fieldwalk/test-pit metal detect areas of high potential prior to topsoil removal.

This procedure would come under the general archaeological guidelines e.g. MAP2, MORPHE etc.....not sure of any specific guidelines.............will dig
Why only 'IFA colleagues'? - surely this is relevant to everyone?
My mistake... Wink a copy from IfA
Darn, was hoping it was some sort of conspiracy thing! }Smile
I could if you want Wink
Oooo found this.........

seems there is a plan to have guidance out by 2016