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Full Version: Alfred the Great
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Read this last night, and looking forward (or not) to seeing the show on Tuesday for a lengthier explanation?

To be fair, reading this made me quite cross (could have been the wine on the train!). I feel it's very much not akin to archaeology and more to disturbing/looting corpses at best because we're a bit interested, or at worst for media acclaim. (I am always very uncomfortable when human remains are disturbed unless they're going to be destroyed otherwise). I'm going to watch said documentary first, as I expect the good doctor has been taken out of context, but when such weak conclusions are offered up to the media it does make me wonder, shock horror! whether archaeologists should be licensed.

Or am I just being a bit sensitive?

Answers on a postcard please...
All seems a bit weak? - but yes, wait for the tv prog
Can't wait... spurious or curious?