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Full Version: how many archaeologists does it take to change a light bulb?
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tis the season after all
Are we talking about a Paradigm Shift in lightbulbs?
Does that include the archaeologists who argue what a lightbulb is, and then go on about everybody else screwing lightbulbs incorrectly?
Am thinking about this in an uber logical way this afternoon, so...

One to write a brief, one to provide a costing, one to conduct desk based research on the history of lights, one to recce the site and label all light switches as dangerous, one to open the light fitting, one to clean back and reveal the edges of the bulb, one to excavate (sorry remove) the light bulb (under the supervision of a higher one), one to plan the fitting, one to photo, someone to wash the lightbulb, one to analyse the lighbulb, date it and assign it a place in a typology, another to archive the light bulb, one to write a report on the light bulb investigation, another to approve it, one to display the light bulb and another to update the research agenda on light bulbs.

So finally, I cautiously conclude 17 archaeologists are required to change a lightbulb, excluding those standing around having a fag and drinking tea, commenting that a lightbulb they saw years back was much more intricate and well preserved.

And not to forget legions of archaeologist who will see the lightbulb, and declare it was all done wrong (while none will actually read the report so carefully structured around this illuminating gem of technology).

Forgive me if I have missed anybody Smile
All of them. One to change the bulb, and the rest of them to weep about
you can have any number of archaeologists screwing around, but that isn't much good when you need a bayonet!
Didn't know anyone could afford the 'lecky to see that the bulb was duff in the first place...
You mean you know some archaeologists who aren't totally in the dark about everything?
Gonetopot, you forgot the crew needed to put in a new bulb. Some sort of controversial restoration process, of course.
pdurdin: dammit you're right, should have though of that as just finished 'restorative' work on a school playing field. I ask, who says PE is dead and kids are unfit, make the chubby little so and sos jump the trenches. But back to light bulbs, I'm not sure I included enough bodies from the council to um and ah over the correct strategy for the removal of the light bulb and question whether the electricial (sorry archaeologist) of 10 years experience is competent, when they have no experience themselves. I'm feeling a spoof video of this process coming on over christmas. I know it was a humorous question but it might explain to outsiders why archaeology can be such a drawn out process.
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