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Full Version: General permitted development rights consultation
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This has just been passed around:

You will notice it proposes that householders can construct microgeneration including ground-sourced heat pumps without requirements for planning permission. I have no idea about the archaeological implications of these things so people may want to reply to the consultation.
The link is duff.

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Try this:

D. Vader
Senior Consultant

Vader Maull & Palpatine
Archaeological Consultants

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Ground sourced heat pumps require the excavation of yards of trench to install piping - not sure what depth it has to be to be most effective but I had a discussion about this technology for a local school recently and pointed out the need for a major excavation in advance of the installation as the archaeology starts just below playground tarmac! I think they are considering other techniques.
I just checked out the consultation document. It asks for responses by 27 June 2007 - we may be a little late.

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I did post it up in April when the consultation started and when the link worked.

Ground-source heat pumps can also be placed vertically in boreholes. A problem I have had, just the once, is planners conditioning the 'sustainable' elements of the building and GSHP then being added into the development and the entire impact of the development changing.
Well it would appear that our Lords and Masters aren't listening to archaeologists despite detailed responses from ALGAO and others Ground Source Heat Pumps can now be installed as permitted development in England. A potential disaster for archaeology. See section C: From the attention paid to conservation areas and World Heritage Sites it would appear that our heritage only matters when it is visible, i.e. above ground.
Is this the final legislation? Are there any conditions that could be applied under other planning regs?
Yes, it becomes law on 6th April 08. Other than restrictions on Scheduled Monumnents the only way around this would be to apply Article 4(1)s withdrawing PD rights on any sites at risk - gardens excluded from SAMs anyone? However, this would have to be done in advance and is not a quick fix, needing consultation etc. Would suggest that curators need to identify key sensitive sites and then get the 4(1)s applied.
So, let me get this right, you would have to apply Article 4(1)s in advance of planning applications? If so, sounds like a big job.
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