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Full Version: General permitted development rights consultation
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Yeah, they're not applied lightly
Thanks Vulpes. Doesn't make the situation very easy. I hope this isn't the start of a series of 'get out of jail cards' in the planning system.
Hi All
This is also a major dent in preservation in-situ paradigm many of my curatorial colleagues find themselves stuck in. There ain't no hiding archaeology under "open spaces" in housing development areas anymore. The whole application area will have to be thought of as under threat so I see a grand new golden age of excavations in front of us as part of the governments new housing drive.

One of the planning departments I advise has recently been trying to 'article 4' a building to prevent demolition. The level of work to produce this has effectively shut down the conservation department for about a month.

Bring back Areas of Archaeological Importance. These had the effect of removing permitted development rights for this type of proposal. Ah back to the 70s.
Another option is to remove the PD rights that would otherwise impact upon the archaeology through a condition on the original development's planning permission. Far easier than going through the effort of sorting out an article 4 condition (speaking from experience as a former DC planner and as a former conservation officer).
I am investigating ways to prevent this sort of thing through legal agreements (S106) that seems to be the best option, according to the advice I have received.
I think I'll ready a recommended condition for the LPAs just in case. Historic Building, could you let me know how your S106 route works out?
I appreciate the stuff about S106's and conditions on original planning apps etc. But that kind of misses the point. The cases where Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) are the greatest threat are where they are being retrofitted to older and existing properties, especially in Conservation Areas (often historic cores of settlements) and in residential gardens excluded from adjacent or encircling SAMs. In these cases there would be no requirement for a planning application for a GSHP and without applying article 4's to remove PD rights we would not even be aware that the work was being done. It is common to remove PD rights in Conservation Areas for essentially aesthetic reasons using article 4's - I would suggest that the careful application of this measure for archaeological reasons is now upon us. GSHPs are now permitted development, Article 4's allow the removal of PD rights in designated areas. Roll on April 6th.
From what I've seen out there however, it appears that ground heat pumps are most effective when designed into a new build house and not much use when retrofitted to a house. It may well be that their use on existing properties is minimal.
yup... thats what I guess... the costs to retro fit are hellish... I know!! I tried ..

if anyone has any good ideas of non oil based systems on a listed building... heeeeeeeelp!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
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