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Full Version: Nice report ! looks like it was the archaeology wot dun it!
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Make of this one what you will.... it seems that accidentalyy the archaeology is to "blame" though that is not quite the real story. it is contractors and govts wrangling over contracts...

as I can assure you £17 million was not spent on archaeology
[Image: safe_image.php?d=AQAYMNhfJvbRqdcB&w=154&...431325.jpg]
You got it Emily
This is one of those rather annoying articles that misses the point! Making it sound like armani wearing diggers quaffed champers while troweling a small post hole.
The actual 'overspend' on archaeology was just in excess of £6 million - the rest of the claim relates to damages arising from delays etc (including loss of lane rental income), also the need to import fill material for embankments as the land from which this would have been won was not available until completion of archaeological works.

Thanks Beamo for that . would you mind telling the people who have read the article now Wink

It reaks of the " archaeology held up desperately needed project " type story.