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Full Version: Xmas is coming - what are you going to give?
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Strapped for cash!
High on the list, a rubbish bag: ?

Take your pre-school children to work and have them delineate your sites from above, even if the features are not visible to the naked eye.....but that will need a party pack of helium (~£20 Asda, Sainsbury etc) and a near-IR camera that will cost ~£40.

Research is so expensive these days ;o)
This is a very useful measure to use for gift giving - even if it's only specifically for a significant other. The same scale can be used to figure out gifts for some of your other relationships!
I would have suggested a water rocket but that could be interpreted on so many other levels:

[Image: rocketa210.jpg]

Despite the low cost, they really are fun....for the family of course ;o)