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Full Version: Xmas is coming - what do you want from Santa's sack
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Did you get a good price on the trade-in?
A couple of years ago, whilst sight-seeing in Bulgaria. I wandered into a cathedral and was 'cleansed' of all my sins by a bearded Orthodox priest (who happened to speak English with a fine London accent as he thrashed me about the head with some kind of herb bush). I made sure his absolution included all of my archaeological sins over the years!! For about the 5 minutes it took to find the nearest bar and to sink into my first large vodka and tonic of the day, I felt curiously light headed. Weight of responsibility has a curious effect of keeping ones feet on the ground.....
You? Archaeological sins? World's fallen out of my bottom, or some such!...

I'd like, for next Xmas now, a set of small bottle-brushes with bristles right to the end, for those tricky skull-fragment cleaning moments where there's mud in deep crevices - seem to be spending the Yuletide season dealing with bags of the stuff, all in sticky clay Sad
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