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Full Version: Xmas is coming - what do you want from Santa's sack
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I would like an orange. But I'll have to buy it myself anyway. :face-crying:
How about BAJR organising food parcels for hard-up BAJRites? I'd be happy to contribute the cost of an orange for Pdurdin
How about us hard-up BAJRites that can only consume fruit once it's been fermented? Wink
That sounds fair Smile something grape? or should we cut back costs and just do grains Wink
kevin wooldridge Wrote:I thinking Barking old pal if you had one of those 'lotsa useless dots' machines as your personal property, you might find lots of organisations eager to use your expertise.....writes the man who once lost out on a job opportunity to an Icelandic archaeological surveyor who supplied his own personal laser scanner....

Fair enough - as long as you sell the full archaeological interpretation along with the dots! (A lesson learnt the hard way by the Inspectorate in the early days of LS...)

But I hafta ask - if the other guy could afford his own scanner, why'd he need a job? Surely his Trust Fund could see him through. (Or was he foolish enough to dig the financial hole before looking at ways to pay it off? You can still get a fully loaded Volvo for the cost of those things...)

Anyway, all I want is peace on Earth, goodwill to all, and jobs for the boys & girls! (Got a big stocking to fill...)
BAJR Wrote:That sounds fair Smile something grape? or should we cut back costs and just do grains Wink

Grape or grain will do me fine. I can't afford to be fussy!Smile
A new anti-matter drive..............mine is broken
Wow. Well, I'm excited, and Santa is coming. And how is Santa going to get inside the house?
Well I got my orange! :p
Oranges all round... that is your fruit of the year over and done with!

I got a new soul... my last one was weighed down with sin and darker than midnight in a coal mine.
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