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Full Version: Seeking advice
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HI all!

I'm searching for a short course in general topography, GIS, total station etc. in England (I'm Italian and live in France) for improve my english;

Does any one knows something about this purpose?

thank you and sorry for my english!
Hi Elena....I can't think of a short course that does everything you want, but the Sedgeford project does have a week long course in the summer of 2014 that covers many of the topics you mention. They are very nice people and the site is in a very nice setting as well and very reasonably priced.
Hi Kevin, yes i agree.. i mean "short" for say not 2-3 years Big Grin. Thank you very much for your answer, i find too some courses in the sussex school of archeology.. you know without this knowelage this is impossible to work least in Italy and France....
I am not sure that the Sussex University course is still running least it isn't on the current syllabus. But by all means make an enquiry, I am probably wrong...
Yes of course i write to them for ask. Do you think it is hard to find what i search ?xx(
Elena.Cammarano Wrote:Yes of course i write to them for ask. Do you think it is hard to find what i search ?xx(

No...its not impossible to find the kind of course you want. I would Google 'Archaeology field school' or 'archaeology training' and see what turns up. Good luck.....
Sussex School of Archaeology ( is still active: it was started late last year or early this year as a result of the Sussex University short courses being cut. Definitely worth contacting them to see if they cover the topics you're after, Elena.
thank you very much Kevin. you was kind
Hi pdurdin, they answer to me , for now nothing but i don t give up!