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Full Version: Build your own Stone Circle - the downsing way
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A STONE circle has been restored to its former glory after “going missing” for over 200 years. ... WTF!!! I mean... yes its a lovely story... however...

They came across an 18th century map with a drawing of the old stone circle in a field close to their home. It was marked “Druids Temple”.

The discovery attracted the attention of the Stone Circle and Henge Trust’s founders Professor Meaden and Paul Daw, who have been on the scene to aid in the reconstruction.

Originally only three stones were discovered but, when more people got involved, the rest of the stones were found and removed from the hedge-line by a tractor. They have now been restored into a circle in the original field, at the spot where they were shown on the 18th century map.


I take it an excavation took place first? seems that there is some info missing here... and assumptions.

ah well... build your own circle Smile
Oh dear. If they didn't get it right they may disturb the 'ley' energies.

Hope They haven't caused a blockage, could cause temperature to rise bringing a drought.

Or worse even, a reversal of flow. Could bring ice sheets and glaciers pouring down from the north and herald a new ice age.
A drought in Cumbria? Now that would be a novelty!
meddling with forces you can't comprehend!!!
If you mean the weather, surely it's "forces the Met Office cannot comprehend"?... Big Grin