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Full Version: Developer charged with breach pf conditions after failure to complete archaeology
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Wax Wrote:Probably best to leave the ins and outs of naughty council dealings at Cheshire West to the residents of that County. it all goes back a long way with many ramifications and we do not want to get Mr Hosty into trouble. :face-topic:

Leave it to Private Eye and their Rotten Boroughs section :face-approve:
yes but yes. cant we ask a few questions. Like have the archaeologists been paid? who has got the archive. And why cant someone write a one paragraph something along the lines of we had a lovely dig put it in a newspaper and call it a report in a publication. An aspect exposed here is that its a post determination condition asking for evaluation that has been translated into a specification for publication just because some twit wrote it in a something called a design programme is not right. I also think that all the "to be agreed in writing needs" some kind of witness notary system or at least some blood pack for it to make any legal sense. Algao invented this terminology and its a load of meaning rubbish. It would be great if this went to court of some kind. Please Liberty holdings don't comply. Unitof1 is behind you.
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