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Full Version: Developer charged with breach pf conditions after failure to complete archaeology
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I doubt they will demolish it as it has been occupied for well over a year its quite a large building and includes the council offices
If the developer hasn't fulfilled the conditions then the development is unlawful and the council has the power to demolish. Whether it is occupied does not affect this.
Much as many people would like to see it demolished, for all sorts of reasons, it is a landmark building. Politically I cannot see the council going down the demolition route though personally I hope they do.
Hopefully with due regard to any surviving archaeology, quantity unknown...}Smile
Doesn't a building without planning permission invalidate its building insurance?
Fantastic. I had come to the conclusion that council planning enforcers were just too clever to look this stupid to go down this route which is why they barely ever did this.

Just out of interest does any body know who owns the archaeology?

so should you buy property without conducting a proper survey of the previous conditions- although the above story might mean by sold: lease, so chester city council leases some space in a development which it had previously sold(?) and then pulls the enforcement notice that could include demolition. What would be interesting to know is whether the developers had any claw back clause from the original seller for any archaeological expenses. Thats what I would have advised......... The link to the enforcement order which kev has put up does not say wsi but project design and its for a watching brief with an evaluation to follow. Where this design is beyond crap is that it then limits the excavation time scale and the pricks think that something called publication should be fitted into a time scale as if publication is mechanical. but but but Just look at the condition it asks for the local planning authority to maintain the watching brief!!!!!!! its beyond bizarrrr what is going on
just out of interest does the enforcement officer who issued this load of rubbish work in the development buildings?
Probably best to leave the ins and outs of naughty council dealings at Cheshire West to the residents of that County. it all goes back a long way with many ramifications and we do not want to get Mr Hosty into trouble. :face-topic:
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