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Full Version: Recruitment dilemma - please help
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P Prentice Wrote:as luck would have it, i ran into a lorry load of spanish and greek archaeologists just itching for a crack at uk contracting. no chips and no whinging - and saved my commercial bacon
In the same way that male archies are mercenary navvies and female archies are over-educated mud-averse frillies, I think you'll find that your Spanish and Greek workforce will now spend half the day taking siestas and playing bazouki. Still, the contraband sangria and ouzo should make the (three hour) lunchtimes go with a swing, eh?
...although I must say, I'd be interested in knowing how PP managed to accidentally "run into" a lorryload of swarthy muscular Continental types*.

Purely in the interests of researching cross-border labour mobility in the EU, y'understand. *cough*

* Unless it was at one of those specialist gentlemen's lunch clubs where the waitresses dress in clingfilm. Then I wouldn't be interested at all.
Auf wiedersehen, pet
Hmm - clingfilm as the new site 'uniform'? Not sure it'll ever quite overtake the old army surplus stereotype but maybe worth a go?
Army surplus and cling film! where is Cartoon Reality when you need him?

Episode three is shaping up as PP takes on a new role as international gang masterBig Grin
I am sitting back with a packet of nuts and a bottle of vinegar.. can't wait....
At least the clingfilm'd be waterproof...does it come in yellow with reflective strips or would one have to have that tatooed on first?
what gentlemens clubs have cling film clad waitresses...AND CAN I JOIN
Am willing to wear it --- if you will pay Smile
Think of the Archaeology Calendar Smile Cling Fresh Diggers :face-confused::0
You can keep your (hard) hat on...
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