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Full Version: Recruitment dilemma - please help
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I like to think of Unit of 1 being a personality who emerges when pp has been on the fermented vinegar that Unit of 1is so fond of.
Currently in hammock ten miles south of chato neuf du pap drinking said beer vinegar.

It's a quarry job. How long is a piece of string. Notice that prentice does not say who's got the contract. I could do it one man on my own and you lot would be none the wiser. Load of old tosh. Why does he think that there is a difference between any cv. Ask Tool it's never been of any importance. Prentice stop trying to make out you give a monkeys.
Thats told 'em :face-approve:

What kind of quarry? And which client? [bored with the 'Golden Rules' induction DVD]
thanks for all the advice guys. some of the local lads dropped out because they got better offers from a removal company but the good news is one of the pifas dissertation was on the prehistoric roman transition in the area we are digging.
i will let you know how it goes
Well, it doesn't sound as good as episode 1 (what an opening!) but I'm sure there's still promise there. Perhaps an ill-advised romance between the removal man and one of the 'pifas', with 'hilarious' consequences?
P Prentice Wrote:...the prehistoric roman transition in the area we are digging...

Lucky b***ard - most of the locals round here stuck with roundhouses till the Vikings burned 'em down, Romans even had to build them inside their forts to make the local recruits feel at home. The local pot doesn't change much either, black hand-made stuff 1000BC-AD1000 seems to be a bit of a challenge for the pot people... }Smile
Please tell me it is not real... and if it is.... please tell me I am dreaming.... or drinking vinigear. I agree with Red Earth... the 2nd Episode was weak... so I hope for better in Episode three.

I fun thing happened on the way to the site... or carry on cock-up Smile
hi guys. wow what a week that was. the local lads have gone back to the removal company or are working in fast food joints and the new generation pifas have gotton jobs as consultants or curators. But would you believe it and as luck would have it, i ran into a lorry load of spanish and greek archaeologists just itching for a crack at uk contracting. no chips and no whinging - and saved my commercial bacon
You is a bad man Mr P... and I nose whot you is up 2
Hmmm, not sure about this turn of events. Is it just going to turn into a 1970s style farce with funny accents? Fawlty Towers at best, Mind Your Language at worst.

Glad you know what is going on BAJR... care to enlighten?
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