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Full Version: Historic Landscape Information (Country Houses and Formal Gardens)
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Can anyone recommended a good journal/book or online resource with a gazetteer regarding historic gardens and parklands? Thanks.
Have you tried the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens and the Gardens History Society? It's a big subject you are looking at and there are the remains of many smaller parks and gardens not longer performing their original function but still visible in the landscape. These might be recorded on your local HER especially if they have undertaken Historic Landscape Characterisation.

Apologies if you have found this already, but it is a great resource:

The Garden History society have regional groups who hold information and can help with queries. British Agricultural History Society also have a journal that has some interesting articles.

Garden History: Philosophy and Design 2000 BC - 2000 AD by Tom Turner is a useful text and has a lot of case studies. The Shire glossary is also a very useful book. Unfortunately it is one of those obscure areas and as a result the main texts are usually expensive.