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Full Version: Blog post 2 from White Castle.
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involves kite images as well.

just a test today. but will be doing the whole site soon I need more height!
Dunno what its called but you can get software that'll stitch your kite photos together and produce a funky 3D all-round image, complete with even funkier point cloud, who needs survey/lidar? Some guys here have been trying it out - brilliant :face-approve:

Make sure you get lots of overlapping images from all directions
3D from overlapping photos (and no survey frame work) how does that work ? Where can I get it?
been doing some stuff.... Photosynth and creates Pointcloud... and then you can do a full fine point and onto a PS2V will have a guide soon... JAke will provide it
Absolutely brilliant with trenches too - the 3D coke bottle and bucket were interesting - back to School of Jack with that methinks...Clearing Clutter Before Taking Pics. Want to try it on skellies - just need a skelly really...

We've also had a go with very oblique old APs for an up-coming plotting project but so far have only had partial success since there's not enough angle-variation and things the software can recognise between pics around the edges, but hopefully feeding in some known fixed GIS points may help a bit? Mixing photos taken over 60 years gives wierd results Smile
Teee hheee

this is a fun fun fun pic... for somebody who really knows about this sort of stuff...
Cool :face-approve:

Have passed the link on to someone who fits that category, think it may involve computer stuff...
Very cool!!!!