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Full Version: A recent response to a facebook posting!
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Having been out with members of the York Archaeological Trust's northern branch, Northlight Heritage, and others last week, I posted general kite aerial photography images on Archaeology Live's (York AT) Facebook page.
My entries were deleted!

The reason given on the page, only after asking why the deletion was made, was:

Archaeology Live 'I took them both down as; Nothing to do with the group, nothing that I could thing of being of immediate use to UK members as there are plenty of options available if people searched, with two consecutive post with pictures it takes up a lot of space on the front page, don't know who you are, you have what appears to be a short facebook history with little activity until recently, you were added last Thursday and posted within a short time... basically I chose not to have them there. We have had a lot of 'fun' with people spamming this forum in the past - even getting malecowexcrement legal threats from the spammers when we apologise for the spam levels (now that was funny being it such a tin pot sales shed run by archaeologically incompetent buffoons (obviously my own personal opinion - since they are paranoid enough to be watching)) - but back on comment..... I now just delete things as and when I get chance.' (The Archaeology Live Facebook page manager has now removed all postings relating to this discussion)

If people 'don't know who you are' you hope they read the posting to find out........... before deleting it!

Is kite aerial photography really held in such low regard?

One of the objectives of our charity (Scottish Charity SC043118) is:
'Promoting the use of kite aerial photograpy as a low-cost, inclusive, environmentally friendly technique for archaeological/heritage photography and promoting the use of any other techniques which may be deemed appropriate by the Trustees'.

We clearly have a long way to go when so readily dismissed with a delete button ;o)

Umm...that does seem a little heavy handed John!! I hope someone from YAT reads on this, because it is clearly embarrasing for what is normally such a forward thinking organisation to have its web-page run by someone so intolerant. I think that at least an apology should be proffered......glad that BAJR is a little more of the 'broad church' view of archaeological 'diversity'..!!
YAT's Northlight Heritage and the Hidden Heritage Project teams were a delight to work with. The lovely Katy Firth recently joined Northlight and our group has worked with her over several years in her role with RCAHMS on Cairnpapple. Her work with children is exemplary.

In terms of the Archaeology Live Facebook page, I suspect that spamming can make you a bit cavalier in your approach to entries, if not drive you into an early grave!
I have to admit that I am somewhat evangelical when it comes to low-level aerial photography, so I do try to avoid words and post images that might appeal and create interest.
Archaeology Live have had issues with people just joining to promote themselves. and so I have a certain degree of sympathy with them.. I know and trust them very much. You were not to know, so I am sure it was not personal.

It's tough for them... and they do try. I don't know what the posts were. but perhaps they would look for an introduction first before discussing the wonders of aerial imaging. which I am... now a convert to.

INdeed I see a BAJR competition for next year!

There lies a difficulty. If you introduce yourself and say what you are doing, that is more readily construed as self promotion. Hence our use of aerial images with links for those with interest to follow.

A problem that I have noticed with Facebook is that if you post a block of 4 images (all small), if anyone 'likes' an image, it is reproduced in a larger size above the originally posting. This gives the impression that the image is being spammed by the originator.

Competition ;o).................. for adults, kids or both?
We have now donated our 15th kite kit with more requests to be hopefully there will be some contenders.

We will reassess the donation position in the future and then possibly include simple near IR cameras like:

How about one as a prize, or one of the prizes, for the competition!?
Thats brilliant.

Handy Hint...
What many page owners prefer to see on facebook is people coming to their page and talking about other things first. before going to the "look at my stuff." Different here as well because of the layout and format. allows it.

When I join a group or page I mainly do it to join in with them, and then introduce what I do. therefore, the page feels I am there for them not just to talk about... ahem kites. even if that is the final outcome...

Introduce yourself and talk about the group/ then talk about kites. Smile

Thanks for the advice.

For those who do not know, the West Lothian Archaeology pages are part of:
which also includes:

The website evolved from a single image of a rainbow in 2006 and expanded with our interests.

Other, older pages like:
are very much on a back burner as the workload, especially with genealogical advice, is just too much for one person.
Dear All,

Apologies for being slow to response to this, it was only recently brought to my attention and I have had trouble logging in to BAJR

I must hold my hands up and apologise for any offence caused.

In my defence I can only say that I was responding in a similar tone to the original query as to why duplicate posts had been removed. There was a full conversation thread which ended up being similar to what has been written this thread. Once finished I removed it as it contained pages with links to commercial competitors and immediately posted links to Northlight, the Hidden Heritage project and that there was some interesting aerial photography with kites - this is still up on the pages now.

Just to clarify - Archaeology Live! is a project run by York Archaeological Trust and is currently hosted by Dig Hungate. There is an Archaeology Live! person and Group on facebook, neither of which is an official York Archaeological Trust page. The facebook pages for the group and person have always had issues with spamming, and still do to this day. I am a lot more flexible than the group heading '
A group to keep people up to date with the Archaeology Live! training excavations and other archaeology training opportunities linked with York Archaeological Trust
' But will delete when I think it is appropriate. If someone is not happy that they cannot control what content is displayed on the pages I look after they are more than welcome to send a personal message or email (nobody has ever done this as far as I can recall).

Again apologies.
'In my defence I can only say that I was responding in a similar tone to the original query as to why duplicate posts had been removed.'
Untrue, I simply asked why the post had been removed and if it contained anything inappropriate.

'I removed it as it contained pages with links to commercial competitors'
Please clarify.

The discussion should have remained as a true record of the interchange!

It is unfortunate that it happened. but I will say that Toby, Dig Hungate and the whole page is a brilliant bunch/person/project (delete where applicable )

The competitors links are there.. Toby won't be able to respond to that as it would then link to the competitors as well. --- you can take my word for it.

WE can all learn from this and the trouble with facebook as well. where commenting on images means it goes full size... never used to... and the thing I also look for. only posting about there own pages/project ...

we live and learn. and as I think you are both lovely I hope we can draw a line

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