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Full Version: Hurray its back
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Glad the forum has reappeared.

Was it just me who couldn't get on over the past day or so?
Sad just you then!

I may actually take this opportunity to do a big overhaul...

sometimes a lick of paint is not enough. I intend to keep the forum central... with a Site Hut.... and any questions. BUT I will be wrapping this in a new UK archaeology news system. all the dig news and reports... plus all teh professional news. plus ( what! more!!) a section on courses... training and stuff like that. Yup... BAJR steps up a gear...
BAJR Wrote:Sad just you then!

Me neither, was just getting a message saying the server was offline or suchlike...and no, don't live anywhere near Jack
EVerything back online now. and thanks to a lovely bloke across the pond, the forum will start to wear a nice new coat.... concentrating on news and excavations across teh UK...

everything is an opportunity