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Full Version: No More Noh Mul? Contractor Bulldozes Mayan Temple
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Oh crikey. Sad
**** me!

As I read this I thought - must be a hoax - but unfortunately . . .
Have I been transported back to the 19th century?
And can we say the state of enforcement in the UK/RoI is really that much better? I think of that road project that would have steamrolled through a site, I think of a scheduled barrow mound levelled a couple of years ago, all the quarries where bits have been bitten out of 'a site' until the remaining part isn't worth protecting any more (so permission is granted to dig that up too). And it seems we're about to rid ourselves of the Conservation infrastructure that stops this happening wholesale.

We'll have people using Avebury stone circles for paving slabs one of these days, I'm sure.

Here's the latest, but I wonder what will happen to them.

The PUP expressed concern that the destruction of the Mayan temple will negatively impact the area’s tourism growth, with the long-lasting effects being diminished employment opportunities in the north and called on the government “ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and that the full extent of the law is applied”.
Chief archaeologist Dr. Jaime Awe told reporters that the penalty upon conviction for anyone who destroys an archaeological site to be a prison term of up to 10 years and or a fine of BZ$10,000 (One Belize dollar = US$0.49 cents).