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Full Version: The Institute for Archaeologists: a chartered institute?
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Peter Hinton (Chief Executive) and Jan Wills (Honorary Chair) discuss how and why the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA) is pursuing a Royal Charter and the benefits it could offer IfA members.

Well if this does not make you desire Chartership... nothing will.

Now don't get me wrong.. it is interesting.... but it does not make me over excited.

It is worth watching it all though, to understand the concept

Excite me... less I sink into a somnambulist torpor!

tell me...

BANG... BANG BANG... this is why you want to be Chartered... tell me./.. BANG BANG BANG this is the up side... and BANG.. these are the issuies... and POW... this is the cost...

Again.. like all things IfA it is the lack of Kapow... Make me want to... if you can convince Dino... then you will win any argument... now that I would love to see,
more clout, more beurocracy, more fees, more officers, more money, more clout .............

give dinosaur a packet of fags - or at least the makings -that should do it
Can't tell if that's what they're offering me unfortunately, this laptop has a sound card but no driver... Sad

...actually since I can still afford tabs without joining IFA (good news, not getting stung for subs), presumably there's something better on offer? They certainly haven't managed anything yet in 3 decades