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Full Version: The Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme (SNAPS)
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The Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme (SNAPS)
Pilot Project
Officially launched 1st May 2013
What a brilliant idea. Certainly I am having fun in doing aerial images and the kids are having a hoot putting cameras up as well as kites!

I for one would like to support this 100%

Lets hear from those that want to get going!

Sometimes it is good to see positive, useful and alturistic examples of archaeology on BAJR.. we can lose the bitter twisted contract mentality and remember that archaeology is about fun.. and sharing that fun!
The number of donated KAP kits is slowly growing. See the table at the foot of:

We have extended the scope of the Scheme to include groups working with children in West Lothian on environmental and landscape projects etc.
This is partly to further encourage the uptake of KAP in our local schools.

The West Lothian Archaeological Trust is an Associate Partner of the EU's ArcLand Project.

We will have our visible, near infra-red and thermal cameras (the latter is too dangerous to fly at a public event) at:

North Berwick 7th August: Kite aerial photography: Part of an archaeology event with David Connolly.

Howden Park in Livingston on Saturday 24 August 2013 – part of BBC Learning’s Summer of Wildlife : 'West Lothian Council is running an entertaining nature related public event and amazing activities as part of the BBC’s Summer of Wildlife at Howden Park in Livingston. To support the event, the BBC will provide a series of interactive talks and quizzes hosted by BBC Scotland wildlife presenters'.
Uptake continues to be steady.
See the foot of: (updated)

We are rapidly approaching our first assessment point of £10k

Are you working with children or students in Scotland!?