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The Witch is dead.

"nvr fgt, nvr fgv".
Her policies made British archaeology what it is today. Discuss.......
I'll miss her blue dress and pearls - but not much else.
I feel nothing
No doubt Oxford will be sad!
Can archaeology go back to being a Council rather than a profit-based business concern now?
I recken she owes me quite a bit of milk too...
Quote:I feel nothing

You must be doing it wrong then.
@Steve H: Why would Oxford be sad? It always elected two Labour MPs during the Thatcher years.
I lived in Oxford during the Thatcher Years. Inhabitants of the places I knew, are probably still drunk from last night's street party.

[h=1]‘Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead’ charts after Thatcher dies[/h][h=2]Facebook campaign to get classic Wizard of Oz song to number one in the charts.[/h][Image: movies-wide-jpg_160852.jpg]By Orlando Parfitt | Yahoo UK Movies News – 5 hours ago
I am in two minds..........

I'm glad she broke the monopoly and the strangle hold the unions had the country under and brought our country back from the brink of economic collapse and into the 20th century.

I am not glad that a lot of people and communities had to suffer to do this.

Maybe if both sides of that particular political disagreement had been more reasonable, less people would have suffered.:face-stir:
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