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Full Version: The rise of the society?
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"CBA research suggests there are more than 2,000 voluntary groups and societies active in the UK with an interest in archaeological heritage, representing 215,000 members. The CBA is adding another four youth branches this year, and plans to double its membership from 33,000 over the next five years. Dr Heyworth was keen to stress that anyone can usefully get their knees dirty at a dig."

Sounds good.

Does this research have a list of these 2000 voluntary groups?

i know that the lovely person working on the BAJR list of active archaeology groups has about 300ish.

WE need to see a rise in the citizen scientist. and a support for archaeology.

information has to be available. and good advice... contacts who can help. contacts who know whats going on. Contacts who actually conduct projects as well.

i seriously want to see more ... just would like to see more than research.
couldn't agree more......if we want data and to keep the taxpayers on board we have to genuinely engage with them!
Here`s one for the BAJR list (Grand High Pooh-Bah is aware...)
The Winton Community Academy Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Society