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Full Version: City of york archaeology under threat
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The City of York Council is cutting its conservation team as part of a cost cutting exercise.

The key post, that of the City Archaeologist is to become part time in a few weeks.

As a result the city that brought us the Coppergate dig and Viking Centre and which less than two years ago applied for World Heritage Status will now only have its archaeological deposits protected on a part time basis.

You may be aware that these include important waterlogged deposits from the Roman, Anglo Saxon and Viking periods. It could be argued that they are among the most important in Europe.

This is at a time when members of the field are pointlessly arguing about where Richard 3 should be buried, far more important archaeological concerns are being overshadowed.
Shocking, especially as York must make a fair bit of income from 'heritage tourism'!
no smiley for headbutting a brick wall. Sad
There should be some more news on this soon, including details of who to send letters of protest to and what to write, etc. I'll post more when I know, if nobody else beats me to it!

It's downright wrong.
Thanks for thsi...

I was talking to someone about this and asking about what there opinion for which way to go was...

Glad it has got going already
It sounds like City of York Council are setting yet another record for taking the p*ss out of their own cultural heritage. Even to those who actually believe that heritage related council posts should be reduced in number to save money to pay for essential services, York must be one of a handful of aurthorities that can demonstrate a genuine need for people in these roles.

They are my local authority so please do pass on any information about who to lobby/abuse. I'll give them both barrels; or maybe just a belt of coax.
Sith Wrote:They are my local authority so please do pass on any information about who to lobby/abuse. I'll give them both barrels; or maybe just a belt of coax.

My authority too. I'll probably forget both barrels and move straight on to a cannon! Sad!
Unfortunately if you contact the city of York press office their response is that; they are dedicated to preserving and monitoring the archaeology of York and currently have a full time meber of staff employed to that end....
Have been getting more information on this... and will help in a campaign to highlight the potential for a massive cock-up and public humiliation if they go ahead on this...

more to come...

The Press Release is a cracker.

they are going to regret this
BAJR Wrote:The Press Release is a cracker.

Can you point me in the direction of this. Like most local authority websites, everything interesting appears to be concealed within a maze of guff.
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